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Max Review of
"Wednesday Horse Races Crawl"
10 Feb 2017
The pub crawl was pretty fun. The horse races were fun and the beer specials throughout the night were definitely the cheapest way to drink in HK outside of going to a 7-11.
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Reviews (64) 4.1
  • Van 18 May 2018
    Loved the open view amosphere of the race course. However, it was a hot night. Would’ve been better if we get to sit higher up to see the actual race. We sat below and saw the race from the big screen TV.
  • Ho 11 May 2018
    Personal viewpoint. Only participate if you like to drink. For experience , please go to the racecourse pay hkd 10, if you tell you are tourist , it may be free. Nice and friendly organiser that came to bring me in the racecourse. Too bad it's not my cup of 'beer'
  • Vishal Shashikant 22 Feb 2018
    Amazing experience..😊 As always easy to use. We will try next time in group..
  • Eugene 4 Feb 2018
    It was quite an interesting experience whereby you can see horses real up close while sipping beer . I went directly to the race course and didn't join the the group for pre shots . Don't bother to send a message at their FB , they won't respond , just check in and turn right to the 1st booth and ask them to help you out . The staff will give a call to the guide and he will come and meet you to pass you the beer coupons and betting slips .
  • KAREN TATIANA 4 Feb 2018
    What a fun night and bar to gather before the race.
  • aprene 8 Jan 2018
    Awesome night out at the iconic Happy Valley Races. Exciting and lively. Drinks and food stalls available.
  • Benjamin 22 Dec 2017
    Excellent night, great way to meet others when traveling alone. Thank you to our superb hosts.
  • Phillis Aleksis 8 Dec 2017
    This consists of 2 parts, first the horse racing at Happy Valley and next is the pub crawl. We just found out that every Wednesday the admittance in Happy Valley is free. So in short you are just paying for the pub crawl. During our schedule we only went to 2 places and we ended up leaving the group early to buy our drinks somewhere else.
  • NATHASSJA 29 Nov 2017
    Amazing experience on horserace as well as night vibes.. it is a MUST!!! ????????
  • Medy 29 Nov 2017
    The entrance free is quite expensive when in fact you can pay only $10 at the Race entrance. And you have to wait until 8:30 for the pub crawl team to arrive wherein you should have enjoy the race earlier.