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Ilkka Review of
"Wednesday Horse Races Crawl"
10 Nov 2016
Had very good time at the races. Felt it more like a nice way of socialicing with people from different countries around the world. Bar crawl was ok but places were getting very crowded so communicating with people wasn't very easy. My hotel being in Kowloon had to take taxi cause underground wasn't running any longer.
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Reviews (20) 4.4
  • Jennife* 21 Jul 2017
    The restaurant were we met was excellent - Shack Tapazaka. The races were also excellent however the two Tour guides were rude, totally disorganised. The group was too large for them to handle. 1/4 of the group were left behind by the guides on the street after the races to board a Tram to another bar, we were given no destination, luckily an experienced Races Crawl guy was in our group and took control. We booked Horse Race Crawl and T Shirt no t-shirt was provided on the night, however they were delivered to our hotel two days later.
  • ine* 29 Jun 2017
    Nice meeting with the group for the horse races crawl ! See you next time !
  • kuih* 22 Jun 2017
    경마 배팅 경험 재미 있었고 중간 중간 공연도 있어서 좋았음
  • Visha* 3 Jun 2017
    Super awesome experience for me. Worth a visit while you are in Hong Kong. What a value trip as you also get a free pub crawl with this . Both were awesome , SERIOUSLY
  • lupe* 29 May 2017
    I got these tickets for my visiting friends and they had a good time.
  • Mari* 29 May 2017
    Unfortunately for me I got lost finding the first stop and had to meet up at the track and pay for my entry and although my correspondence said if I arrived at the track that I could ask for my hosts at a happy Wednesday booth and they would come get me but his was not the case. I ended up wandering around for about twenty minutes until I saw some people with pink wristbands and asked if they were on the pub crawl and they took me to the hosts. I had a good time but I wish I had established the timeline or when the mtr closed or how to get there from the places they took us because in Hong Kong you can turn a corner twice and be completely lost. It ended up taking me close to 5 hours to find my way home after leaving the final stop because my phone and money were pick pocketed from the over packed night club they left me at and mtr was closed and that was the only way I knew how to get home.
  • Hoan*** 8 May 2017
    Fun and easy way to hang out with a group if you're too shy to try going to the track alone. Lots of free drinks!
  • Jansu* 4 May 2017
    Met with some awesome group. The host is nice & great. He personally treat us some drinks. Overall, it is great to join this trip and meet with many people from different world.
  • Ricke* 27 Apr 2017
    Decent experience. Good price for discounted drinks. Well run and overall was enjoyable if you are a person looking to meet some new people in Hong Kong
  • Jia*** 17 Apr 2017
    good for experiencing the HK pub scenes and have some HK horse racing :)