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Lily Gladdys Review of
"Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom"
9 Sep 2018
joined the guided tour. it was informative and educational. easy entry and price is lower than the current 1 for 1 promo.
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Reviews (164) 3.8
  • Lily Gladdys 9 Sep 2018
    joined the guided tour. it was informative and educational. easy entry and price is lower than the current 1 for 1 promo.
  • Kim 8 Sep 2018
    Bit disappointed - as we only saw two butterflies. As you leave the butterfly enclosure, there were some colourful birds, and an iguana, so we spent more time in here, than with the butterflies. Then, there were a few empty rooms with framed dead insects, and a cheap gift shop. Although it was cheap, we were still disappointed.
  • KAORI 28 Aug 2018
    I was surprised at the stuffing of a lot of insects!The iguanas and the feeding of birds were fun!
  • Olivia 27 Aug 2018
    There we no butterflies which is kind of the point of the whole place! Only 2 butterflies flying around. The last time we went there were hundreds. It must be a seasonal thing but not worth the money this time around. Call and check first before going. Rest of the place is dated and not worth it. Needs a big overhaul.
  • Ho Yan Julianna 26 Aug 2018
    The park was a little bit too small. We went there after rain and did not see too many butterflies, the people who worked there saying that the butterflies hid away because of the bad weather. If you are an insect lover you have to go there, many many insect specimen were there.
  • MIYUKI 24 Aug 2018
    my 5years old enjoyed touching and feeding iguana! good to learn.
  • Gourav 19 Aug 2018
    something different seen in my life. thousands of species you never seen in one place.
  • Michael 17 Aug 2018
    it's a good place to learn. but it would be better to modernize the place and add more attraction and animals inside. especially touchable animals
  • Ka Yun 16 Aug 2018
    Easy and fast redemption at the park entrance. Interesting to see the different life stages of butterflies, fun place for kids.
  • Mei Yee Joanne 9 Aug 2018
    Small place, spent half an hour there. Fast klook app and redeem ticket immediately.