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Edison Review of
"Sentosa FUN Pass"
11 Jul 2018
used fun pass to visit aquarium and madame toussand. hassle free visits for both although the lines for the aquarium was long because it was during the weekend.
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Reviews (1,900) 4.4
  • EUNICE 21 Jul 2018
    Perfect trip & experience! no hassle in queue. Enjoyed a lot! Highly recommended.
  • Joan Eunice 21 Jul 2018
    All worth it. Will be back next time to try some other rides!
  • Christopher 20 Jul 2018
    must have. very expensive without this pass. use the monorail and cable car to get around.
  • Talal 20 Jul 2018
    Amazing! Bought Fun Pass 5.. Unfortunately due to the lack if time only used for 4 attractions as I have planned to do other attraction which are not included such as skyline and luge. You will have to redeem at any sentosa counters. And use it at any attraction.
  • Duane Nelson 19 Jul 2018
    Had a great time here!! Very accommodating!! We didn’t need to take those long lines. Just bring your smart phone with the voucher sent to you from klook and tadaa! You’re good to go
  • TSZ KIN 19 Jul 2018
    In fact, it is quite expensive. You may consider Santosa as a theme park, but the park charge you for entering into every attraction.
  • Nico Rafael 19 Jul 2018
    We took Sea Aquarium with Royal Albatros worth 2 tokens, Madame Tussauds with Singapore Liv, and Trick Eye. Worth it!
  • neetesh 19 Jul 2018
    This was a good experience. However, if you have already visited a few places like Acquarium and Eye trick in other countries, you won’t feel anything new hear. I was struggling in finding the right directions getting to the spots. One disapointment with this fun pass is that it does not include cable car skyline and sky cable luge (dont remember wxact names), even one of them was mention in the flyer.
  • Amit 19 Jul 2018
    v nice place for full day adventure. nice water park .
  • Lizlie 19 Jul 2018
    Save yourself from hassle of Buying too many entrance fees. This pass is ll you need