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Edison Review of
"Sentosa FUN Pass"
11 Jul 2018
used fun pass to visit aquarium and madame toussand. hassle free visits for both although the lines for the aquarium was long because it was during the weekend.
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Reviews (2,282) 4.5
  • Billy 19 Sep 2018
    it was amazing experience. but i felt cheated when i had the dock albatross. it didnt sail. it was just there for tour. but the sea aquarium was awesome.
  • Alyssa May 19 Sep 2018
    We got to enjoy the hassle free FUN pass in Sentosa
  • Deenathayalan 19 Sep 2018
    Exemplary work by Klook team. Easy exchange of pass to ticket without waiting.
  • Tricia Marie 19 Sep 2018
    Sentosa staffs are very friendly. Sea aquarium and wings of time are awesome. Ticket can be redeemed easily.
  • Ming 18 Sep 2018
    Like Klook. Very easy to use and good value! Highly recommended
  • MAY LING 18 Sep 2018
    Save the hassle of queueing for ticket. Enjoy the trip in Sentosa.
  • Balasubramani 18 Sep 2018
    Play max pass is refinery one of the best way to have a cost effective good fun at sentosa. Would recommend for first timers to choose this and make use of it to the max
  • Prateek 18 Sep 2018
    Santosa experience was unforgettable. Even I would get a change I will go there again.
  • Bala Arjun 17 Sep 2018
    SEA aquarium is a must visit. Disappointing that LUGE is no longer redeemable using this pass.
  • JIEZALYL 17 Sep 2018
    It was hard to choose only 3 from different activities! But nevertheless, this fun pass is very convenient to use. You can find booths in each station of sentosa so you don't have to worry about long lines. :)