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Japan Rail Pass

Voyages en train illimités dans tout l'est du Japon

Réservez votre pass pour explorer l'est du Japon cette saison et obtenez un code de réduction d'une valeur de 500 JPY
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What’s the difference between an Exchange Order and JR pass?

Exchange Order (Physical or Electronic): This document is required to redeem your actual JR pass. You will receive a physical Exchange Order at pick up counters in local airports or by delivery (collection option can be selected at checkout). You must receive this Exchange Order before departing to Japan. Check these samples of a physical Exchange Order and an Electronic Exchange Order (eMCO)

JR Pass: This is the actual pass you will use to board covered transportation systems in Japan. You must redeem your JR Pass at any JR Pass office in Japan with your Exchange Order and passport.

What date should I select in the calendar when booking?

The date you select when booking is the pass redemption date. For Exchange Order pick up at local airports or the Klook Hong Kong Office, please take note of the counter/office opening hours. For Exchange Order delivery, book your JR pass at least 7 business days before departing for Japan (holidays are not counted)

When I redeem my JR pass, can I choose another activation date?

After you receive the Exchange Order, you have 90 days to redeem your JR pass from the voucher confirmation date. After redeeming your actual JR pass, you can choose an activation date within 30 days from the redemption date. Please ask staff members at JR Pass offices for assistance to set your pass activation date

Who can buy a JR pass?

All non-Japanese passport holders entering Japan with a Temporary Visitor status are allowed to purchase a JR pass. Japanese passport holders are not eligible to purchase a JR pass