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ATV Riding Experience in Phuket

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  • Discover Phuket on an exciting off-road adventure through its beautiful countryside
  • Challenge yourself by navigating slopes, steep inclines, and bumpy terrains
  • Feel safe with professional instructors who will guide you all throughout the way
  • No prior driving experience necessary, the ATVs are super easy to ride!

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1 Hour ATV Riding

2 Hours ATV

1 Hour ATV + Flying Fox + Rope Bridge


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Go on an adventure that’s a little different from the relaxing beaches of Phuket and drive your way through its stunning landscape on an ATV! You’ll be surprised to see Phuket’s unique terrain as you cruise through its slopes and inclines, navigating dirt roads, muddy trails, and thick forests! Be guided by professional instructors who will assist you before your ride. Kids as young as 8 can join, so make sure you bring your little ones as well! Choose from packages of 1 and 2 hour rides, or get the full adventure with a package that includes a 1-hour ride, Flying Fox, and a Rope Bridge. If you’re one looking for something thrilling to do in Phuket, then this ATV experience is definitely the perfect one for you.

3 people riding ATV
Buckle up and hold on tight as you navigate varying terrains from muddy areas to grasslands
kids crossing a river
Dare to cross the Rope Bridge against the current of the river
people on ATV in line
Follow your guide to discover dense forests and hidden beaches
kid and mother on harness
Have the perfect bonding experience with the little ones while riding the Flying Fox
group of people riding ATV
Experience driving around Phuket aboard an ATV with a fun and adventurous group!

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