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What people are saying about Attractions & tickets in Italy

Sarah Joy Published 167 days ago
The staff in the tourist information ticket where you will claim the ticket is very helpful. They assisted us to go inside of the Vatican museum and they also recommended us things to do around the area while we are waiting for our time to go inside of the museum. Reliable and highly recommended when booking tours.
Florie Fe Published 476 days ago
I’m glad I booked my tickets in advance with Klook as it saved us a lot of time from queuing. Although, we still have to queue for 10-15 minutes entering the colosseum as we need a temperature check but it wasn’t too bad at all. Great experience and a nice walk and view to the palatine hill and roman forum.
Sojung Published 637 days ago
I would like to deliver my very deepest gratitude to klook. Due to the outbreak of the covide 19, I and my family had to cancel our journey. Thanks to the help of very professional klook staff, we could cancel our booking of this ticket even though this ticket is not redundable. I truly understand that klook is suffering difficulties and hard time due to this unexpected situations. However, thanks to their help, we could reimburse our cancelled tick price without any problem. We are very sorry for missing an opportunity to visit this amazing historical places. However, we are very sure that we will book our tickets for our next trip via klook as we did. Once again, thank you klook.
Meldric Soong Jek Published 684 days ago
It was really convenient to have this skip the line queue tickets. We were able to be the first few to enter the Colosseum. When we arrived there was already a queue before it opened. Signage was not really clear though. Could be better as there was a bit of confusion for a lot of people as to where they should queue. Esp when you have an appointment. But overall, it was a wonderful experience!
Hui Lian Kathy Published 691 days ago
From the metro all the way to the Vatican museums, there will be very bad people trying to sell you overpriced ticket to tell you that you can skip the line. But actually you just need to buy this ticket and save alot of hassle and queuing!! The Vatican Museums is definitely a must to visit while in are in Rome. Make sure buy this ticket and you wont regret!!!
Muhammad Fahmi Published 695 days ago
The Colosseum was amazing; we had a really great time. We spent a total of 4 hours to cover all three attractions. Do note that there's a lot of walking and climbing involved. But the view at the top is worth the climb. Bring a daypack if you want to snack! Also, a word of caution: as we walked from the Colosseum to the Roman Forum, we were cornered by a group of scammers who tied strings around our wrists and proceeded to extort money from us. We lost 65 Euros so be careful!