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Yilan Turtle Island Whale Watching Tour

4.6 3,204 reviews | 40K+ Booked
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Taipei Free Walking Tour Historic Route

4.8 1,921 reviews | 20K+ Booked
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Taroko Gorge Day Trips from Hualien

4.5 2,350 reviews | 20K+ Booked
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Hualien Whale Watching

4.7 817 reviews | 10K+ Booked
US$ 26.99
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Jiufen Village & The Northeast Coast

4.4 735 reviews | 10K+ Booked
US$ 43.09
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Northeast Coast Scenic Day Tour

4.4 754 reviews | 9K+ Booked
US$ 34.59
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Explore Taipei City

4.5 432 reviews | 5K+ Booked
US$ 43.19
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Taiwan's Northern Coast

4.4 386 reviews | 4K+ Booked
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What people are saying about Tours & sightseeing in Taiwan

Camille Published 74 days ago
This is a great experience for kids. I would highly recommend for you to go early morning if you plan to visit during the weekends or anytime during the weekday to avoid the crowd. Especially in attractions where you will feed the animals. But overall a really great experience for kids and kids at heart. ❤️
Jamila Adele Published 109 days ago
This day tour was a great experience, even though the weather was a little rainy. The tour guide was efficient and friendly and professional. The bus was comfortable. In Yehliu Geopark, the rock formations were cool but we unfortunately did not have time to see all of them. Jiufen was crowded as expected but we were able to try a lot of interesting food and delicacies. We got to fly our paper lanterns at Shifen and make our wishes.
Nghi Published 166 days ago
The schedule was quite tight, if you wanted to take more time to wander around, this might not match. For our team, we did not have much time in Taiwan so this was the best choice. The short time in Jiufen was the most interesting of the tour. The tour finished on time so we could use the evening for Taipei 101 schedule, which was great :)
CHRISTINE SALVE Published 200 days ago
Way back, Jiu fen was an old mining area. Now, it may look so familiar since it was an inspiration to the movie Spirited away. Every detail reminded me of the film and Chichiro, the narrow streets and stairs, the red lamps and the never-ending street food, which will introduce you to different aromas hence, will make you famished. I remembered eating kurobota sausage, hot pocket pancake filled with red beans, and matcha drink with ice. (I realized I forgot to take photos of it because it was so hot that afternoon and I was walking while I was munching them) Actually, Jiu fen was one of the biggest reasons why I chose Taiwan over Singapore or Malaysia. Though I haven't seen no face, I know, I made the right decision. 😕😂😊 Just really curious though, it must be interesting to visit it at night since the lanterns will be lighted in the very famous A Mei Tea House.
PI FENG Published 205 days ago
After stealing a floating life for half a day, I finally caught up with the blooming season of Yangmingshan and took a deep and interesting day trip to Beitou & Yangmingshan. With the guided tour by the knowledgeable Arthur guide, I have a different understanding of the past development history of Beitou and Taipei. It turns out that from the "Pi Hai Ji You" (also known as "Sulfur Diary") written by Qing Dynasty official Yu Yonghe in the late 17th century, Beitou was mining sulfur. The New Beitou Hot Springs that we often go to are actually the only two places in the world (Xin Beitou and Yuchuan in Akita) that contain precious "radium" ingredients. Therefore, in addition to the precious Beitou stone, New Beitou's unique green sulphur radium spring is another national treasure of Taiwan. Of course, it is the flowering season in Yangmingshan, how can you miss the cherry blossoms and azaleas all over the mountains! This year's flower conditions are good, of course, you must take pictures of the beautiful scenery. In addition, the amazing little oil pit allows us to see fumaroles, sulfur crystals and spectacular collapsed terrain caused by the power of natural volcanoes!
Mary Karen Published 317 days ago
We enjoyed this experience. The tour guide is very friendly and accommodating. She is also very bubbly - did not get bored the whole tour. The places that we went to was amazing. Got an overview of the Taiwanese culture. We also tasted the authentic Taiwanese food and milk tea! It was so good. Klook did not give us a hard time for this booking. Highly recommended. 😊