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Chengdu People's Park Private Half Day Tour

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Chengdu Panda Base Private Half Day Tour

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Essence of Chengdu City Private Day Tour

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Carolina Published 60 days ago
This one.activity that my best friend had been lookong forward to. First we headed out early in the morning to the Panda park. Thankfully, we did because there were more crowds arriving after we left. Lucy, Ms. Wonder Woman, was great in providing advice so we can enjoy the panda excursion more. Luckily for.us there was a heavy morning rain fall, the teenage giant panda came out to play! We were to watch them enjoy themselves climbing on trees, walking around and eating to their hearts' content. We were completely drenched but enjoyed every minute of it. Afterwards, webheaded out to see the biggest sitting Buddha on a mountain side. We escorted by a professional driver. An hour before our arrival the port had closed but headed forward to have lunch at a local restaurant. The delicious meal was duck in sesame sauce, bamboo shoots, tea, rice, egg and tomatoe soup. Yum! Our guide went to check in person if the port.had reopened. It was so we got to check out the Buddha in all its splendor as the bright sun shone.
Carolina Published 60 days ago
We were not familiar with Chengdu foods. All we knew.was that the food would be very spicy. To our surprised many of the snacks did jave a kick but it brought out the essence of the flavors. Our guide, Lucy, listened to our concerns and made us feel at ease in trying local snacks. They were all delicious! Loved the fact that these were local eateries with a passion of serving great meals. We also enjoyed the tuk tuk ride to get to the four restaurants which proved to be a faster mode of transportation. Hearing about the local city history made this a great learning experience. This is foodie city that will not disappoint!
Amanda Published 621 days ago
This tour was awesome. Our guide picked us up in the hotel right on time in a nice & comfortable sedan (it was just two of us in the tour) with a very friendly driver. Our guide Teresa was very kind and accomodating, and gave us a lot of insights on the pandas and Chengdu. She also pointed out the best spots to better view the pandas. Though this was just a panda tour, she gave us reccomendations on other places to visit and food to eat in the city. I highly recommend this tour for anyone wishing to see the pandas, as there were plenty around the park. Get there early to avoid the crowds.
Yip Published 645 days ago
I managed to retrieve some of the pictures for our visit to Dujiangyan and Mount QingCheng last October. At Dujiangyan you can see the ancient irrigation system which is preserve to the present - an ingenious system developed in the early Chinese civilisation. Mt QingCheng is the birthplace of Taoism, you can find the first Taoist temple at the peak. There is a small lake at the halfway point, you can cross to the other end via ferry to continue your climb up to the top of the mountain. The climb to the top is still manageable by taking frequent breaks in-between though some paths are steep.
JUNGKYU Published 669 days ago
Lee, who guided me and my friend, was very kind and delicate. The tremendous rush of the Chinese National Day caused us a lot of trouble and had a hard time. But if it weren't for his private guided tour of his first day in Chengdu, he probably had a harder time. Once again, I would like to thank Lee for the detailed information on Dujiangyan and Qingshan, as well as various essential tips for traveling to China. Mr. Lee, who guided me and my friend, was very kind and delicate. We had many problems and hard time together during trip because of 'Super Crowded' Chinese National Day. But, without his private guide tour which was responsible for our first day in Chengdu, maybe we could have even more hard time. Once again, I want to appreciate letting us know many necessary tips for trip to China, as well as detailed information about Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan.
Sue Huey Published 675 days ago
This tour is incredible for someone who is looking to experience the local life! Our tour guide Patrick is really knowledgeable. He explained about Le Shan Buddha in detailed and brought us around the local market, sharing the stories behind the local families, daily life and the history of the town with passion. This tour includes a boat trip that allows you to see the entire Le Shan Buddha (but not hiking around it as it would take 3 hours), a tour around the Suji ancient town, tea plantation and tea market. A really worthwhile experience!