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Kristi Published 601 days ago
It was incredible! I arrived around 11:30 and spent well over three hours walking around making sure I saw everything. Throughout the afternoon there were always active pandas, while some might be sleeping others we’re playing or eating. The panda cubs were the cutest! I imagine because I went in the winter right before CNY it was not too busy. It did not feel overly crowded and I always had a great view of the enclosures. It is an amazing experience for a very low price.
Filza Published 604 days ago
Arrived at the place at about 9.30am. There wasn’t any queue and entry was fuss-free. Just had to scan the QR code to enter. Recommend to take the tram as the base is very huge. Went there during winter, sadly many enclosures were under constructions and didn’t get to see as many pandas as we would like.
YUTI Published 621 days ago
Online ticket prices are cheap and easy to use. Just use the bar code in the klook app to scan at the entrance (can only scan multiple people if booking the same booking) or if not, open the voucher's klook screen for the watcher The staff will scan it by themselves. Going into the trekking way, suggest to buy a 10 yuan car ticket. The car will take you to the top (where there is baby panda) and we walk down one by one.
Pei Feng Published 624 days ago
From booking to getting the QR was fast within a day. Price was slightly cheaper. Upon arriving we just need to scan the QR to go in.. it was fast and convenient. Go early as in 730-8am straight away que up to take the bus ride (Need to pay RMB10/pax) then slowly walk your way down. Then you will be able to see all panda's actions instead of them laying sleeping .. they are actively eating and walking around very early in the morning.
Catherine May Published 624 days ago
QR Code super easy and convenient to use! Just have to scan it at the entrance. Got there at 8am and left around 10.30. Take the tram (10 RMB) which will drop you off at the Panda delivery suite (the farthest point in the park) for you to explore the park and walk one-way back. During the time my husband and I were there, the pandas were all having their breakfast and being very active. The crowds started coming in as we were leaving, which is about the time the pandas enter into a food coma from their brekkie and get sleepy. Sleep early the night before to catch the pandas when they are active! Loved the Panda nursery esp. we queued up twice to see them hehe.
Jayson Published 624 days ago
It is quite confusing as there are two panda zoo on same area, but the location is very accessible by subway. Walking inside the zoo is also a breeze enjoying the cold weather and not so crowded zoo is a plus. QR Code provided via app works like a charm, no hassle in getting in and no hassle showing to the counter as most of the crew can speak english. Some crew for the bus service is very helpfull too, as you can only pay the bus thru QR code, they lend us their account to buy tickets and screenshot the QR code from their personal mobile device