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Ronaliz Published 479 days ago
we totally had fun during the boat ride here. the guy who’s driving it for us was funny and cheerful and entertained us by singing and asking us questions related to where we came from. He knows some of the songs and actually strung it on his guitar and convinced us to sing along with him. it was fun and relaxing too. i’m hoping to have another experience like this in the future. hoping for the safety of all during this pandemic. pls hang in there. this too shall pass and we can travel more in the future. Thanks again klook for this hassle free transaction <3
Marie Applelyn Published 513 days ago
Queue was kinda long but understandable because it was a holiday. Looking at other people riding the gondola made the kids excited. The staff were very friendly and jolly. The lady gondolier was strong enough to maneuver the gondola and she was definitely a very good singer (her voice echoed around the area capturing the attention of even the passers-by). Indeed, a one-of-a-kind experience for all of us!
su jin Published 651 days ago
The use of the gondola was good because the singer sang well and the story was fun. However, it took a very long time to exchange for a real ticket and it was inconvenient~~~ It would be good if you pay attention to this part and do it on site. The two of us used it, and there was a line in the back, then it would take 20~#0 minutes, but the team we wanted to ride was 2, so we found another team with 2 people~~~ So, we got on with almost no waiting. The gondola ride is based on 4 people, so if you're not a family member, don't wait long for my turn, and you'll have to ride together anyway, so you can join. I purposely prepared 10MOP for one, but you don't have to give it to me~~^^
YEW HAN Published 651 days ago
Super experience with KLOOK "Gonola Rides at The Venetian Macau" with my family members; No queue with front counter needed and we enjoyed the relaxing ride and the song by the rider. The view was wonderful and my kids liked it very much. Will definitely introduce to my friend to book it through KLOOK for activity mentioned when they visit MACAU.
Wan Nor Azlin Published 653 days ago
We nees to wait for about 20 minutes because one of two canal is closed, but 20 minutes was fine. The ride was so enjoyable, we need to share with another 2 person that we never met before since we only 3 person. The person in charge of our gondola was nice, friendly and hebaings very well, we were amused! You can get cheaper price buying through Klook.
Jamie Lyn Published 664 days ago
Bought these tickets too along with the Hop-on Hop-off Open Top Bus Tour. We didn’t have wait in the queue for that long since it was a really short line. We got on the Gondola ride at around 4 pm. So thrilled that we got the boat to ourselves (we were a group of 4) and didn’t need to share with anyone else. Our gondolier was lovely - she had such a beautiful opera voice. She sang us 2-3 Italian songs throughout the ride. The only song I recognised was “Santa Lucia”. I forgot her name though since I was too busy taking pictures and videos.