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Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise (The Symphony)

4.5 234 reviews | 5K+ Booked
US$ 77.90
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Tokyo Asakusa Rickshaw Tour

4.9 157 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 38.75
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Tokyo Owl Cafe HOOT HOOT

4.3 143 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 23.05
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Gunma Sightseeing and Gourmet Trip from Tokyo

4.6 151 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 106.09
Book now for 5 Dec 2021
US$ 23.90
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US$ 10.65
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Tokyo After 5

4.3 26 reviews | 600+ Booked
US$ 126.75
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Tokyo Bay Sunset Cruise (The Symphony)

4.8 41 reviews | 400+ Booked
US$ 60.20
Book now for 7 Dec 2021

Kotsumate Animal Room Experience in Tokyo

4.4 38 reviews | 400+ Booked
US$ 28.35
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Tokyo Bay Lunch Cruise (the Symphony)

4.7 15 reviews | 200+ Booked
US$ 56.69
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PeiChen Published 668 days ago
The departure date is 2020/01/30. I bought a trip to Fujikawaguchiko and Gunma this time. I particularly like the trip of Gunma. Of the 5 trips, 3 of them were eating, eating tofu, crab legs, and strawberries! !! It's really cool ~ It's a pity that the first trip is to blow and cut the waterfall. When the water freezes and can't enter, take a picture at the door gazebo. The rest of the time is spent in the shopping street waiting for the assembly time. The second itinerary is fishing for tofu. In addition to fishing for tofu, some soy products will be placed next to it and cooked in Kanto for guests to eat. On the third trip, the crabs are the best, but the eating time is too short. The crab feet are roasted too slowly. Later, I found that the crab feet are hot, and then they are probably hot. And everyone must be there. When the fire became weak, I kept adding alcohol and entering a new fire, and the fire just started to bake quickly. At the beginning, the clerk didn't know how long the fire was good, the roast was super slow, very frightful ~ 4th I went to the greenhouse to pick strawberries. I picked them directly and did n’t wash them. The strawberries were almost 6-7 in Chengdu, and they were very large. I kept eating and eating. It was really good value. I did n’t eat any sour strawberries at all. And slightly sweet and good entrance. The fifth is a ski itinerary. It is a simple and easy-to-start ski itinerary. It is also possible to bring children, because I am the first time to play, and I will resist, but I love it as soon as I play. There are no cable cars, snowboards, and snowballs. The appliances are simple gadgets. They are about 3-4. You can play them by yourself. Only 2 types were played on the day. The blue basin (sleigh) and the colored swimming ring have their own characteristics. You will fall in love when you play. Remind to play sleigh, or want to build snow, you must bring your own gloves, hands feel less cold.
Arnel Published 697 days ago
Strawberries were so fresh and sweet. Fun activities aspecially the Tambara Ski park. When we were there, there were heavy snowfall and we love it very much. The driver of the tourist bus is very professional. Even in heavy rain and snow, the bus is stable and safe. The instructor is fun and jolly. Overall the day tour is great!