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YI YING Published 605 days ago
A perfect score of five out of five, my friends and I felt great! I ca n’t swim at all and I hurt my knee when I climbed the mountain the day before yesterday, but the female guides knew each person ’s physical condition and whether they were tall or not according to the FORM we filled out before the trip. I had a slight claustrophobia, and she confirmed to me that the cave was the narrowest at the distance between the two arms. There will be some small diving, but even if you ca n’t swim, you do n’t have to worry about it. I think most of it is the depth you can stand up. In short, it is right to grab your swimming ring. Instead, pay attention to the stones around your feet. Remember to bring a bathing suit and towel and show him the phone EMAIL at the counter; you can wash hot water at the end, and you can also eat hot soup and bagel. On-site photo archives are $ 35NZ / two or more. The female tour guide took a good shot, and you can choose the whole group to pack away XDDDD. It was really beautiful crying inside, but fortunately no one saw XD in all black. The people who are traveling are very hilarious (only my friends and I are Asians); KIWI tour guides are also very lively and protect their natural environment. Please cooperate with us.
JingYi Published 639 days ago
Our guides are really enthusiastic. I guess we were all cold hence didnt speak out much. There were 3 guides to 8 of us adults. We went for the Black Abyss 5hrs tour, but in reality it is about 3.5-4hrs as they needed to brief us and it includes the washing up time. Bring your own towel and toiletries to wash up after the activity. They provide hot shower (no soap), a cup of hot soup and hot bagels after your shower! At the end of the activity, if you buy the photo, 1 for NZD20, and 2 or all for NZD35. So it makes sense to buy all instead of just 1.
Ru Hui Gina Published 644 days ago
Amazing experience not to be missed! Only 1 of 2 places in the world where you get to do black water rafting! Ours was a group of 9 and we had 3 guides who were attentive, took care of us & made sure we were comfortable & okay all the way. We had lots of fun though certain parts was challenging! The glow worms were awesome & it was a beautiful sight to behold in the dark caves! My niece was the youngest in the group at 12 years old & she was brave enough to try this though she was scared initially. She enjoyed it! Kudos to her for her courage!
Pauline Ai Leen Published 646 days ago
Voucher redemption was easy. Our Black Labyrinth tour started on time. Our 4 guides were friendly, professional, patient and informative. They gave us a thorough briefing and continued to help tour participants throughout the underground tour. It was a fantastic experience. Not very physically demanding. The glow worms were magical. Highly recommended
MENG HSIEN Published 649 days ago
This is a must-visit spot. Pictures can never explain the current feeling, super ~ level ~ dream ~ fantasy ~. But please pay attention to the following points: ☑️ Bring a change of clothes. Do not wear a tight-fitting swimsuit. It is more hygienic in cold protection equipment. 泡 ️ Soak in water for 3 hours. ☑️ Will be poured into the water and die out. ☑️ Will be cold (although there is cold protection equipment).洞 ️ The cave is narrow and undulating, requiring a bit of physical strength ☑️ It is better to swim (but in fact the leader will be washed to save you) 不能 ️ Don't be afraid of darkness (the extent to which you can't see five fingers) 会 ️ Can speak English (although the English leader will not be special I care about you) ☑️ will always jump back into the water from a high place ☑️ There are many dark stones in the dark cave, and it is easy to step on the ground in the rapids and fall, which may cause the palm to be abraded (only the palm is not protected, others are protected by protective equipment) By) ☑️ It's no problem for children to join, there will be Aduozai children! But don't be afraid that his palms will be accidentally scratched by rocks or falls.
kate Published 653 days ago
What a great experience! I was so nervous and scared before the trip but the guides were fantastic. They were welcoming and made me feel at ease. They kept checking on me every 10 minutes throughout the tour to ensure I was ok, if I was uncomfortable with something they would hold my hand and guide me through. So if you feel a little scared like I did - go for it! You’ll be proud of yourself for completing it! It was such a surreal moment floating through the caves in the pitch black admiring the glow worms. Highly recommend