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THE BARAI Spa at Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

4.8 28 reviews | 300+ Booked
US$ 68.79
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US$ 78.95
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What people are saying about Relaxation & health in Hua Hin

Lam Ping Published 765 days ago
The location was easy to find. I arrived 20 minutes earlier and I started on time. The environment was wonderful. I had a feeling like staying in Egypt Palace. The decoration is so unique and full of mysterious colour. The reception desk is a bit small and quite hot during Summer time. But the private room is very large and beautiful. The masseur was the best I had experieced and it was super comfortable. Even the background music made you relax. It is worthwhile to pay more.
Sin Yu Published 988 days ago
Most beautiful spa, or even building, I have been to. The design is out of this world. Service is excellent, helped us arrange room as i requested (we had 4 ladies and 2 men). Spa quality is excellent as well, very relaxing and experienced masseuse. They also offer sauna and steam room in the locker room, which you will go to after the massage. This place is absolutely amazing and if I ever go back to Hua Hin, I will come here again.