Hokkaido is the perfect winter wonderland with beautiful white ski slopes, smelt fishing and of course, the ultimate onsen experiences. Slurp up bowls of delicious ramen and crab legs and pair them with your Sapporo Beer for the complete foodie experience! In the summer, lavender fields and pristine blue ponds grace the city and you can even feast of the world's largest ice cream sundae to beat the heat.
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After picking up your WiFi device and Kitaca card from New Chitose Airport, make your way to Noboribetsu via JR train or rent a car if you’d like to drive.
Head over to the JR station to redeem your Japan Rail Pass. Board the JR train and head to Noboribetsu for day 1 of your trip!

Getting There
Take the JR train to Noboribetsu Station

After dropping off your luggage, head over to Onsen Ichiba for lunch! Noboribetsu is famous for their special take on yakisoba or fried noodles - Noboribetsu Enma Yakisoba! This is a spicy fried noodle dish unique to the region that you should definitely try on your visit.

Getting There
It is 13 minute drive away from Noboribetsu Station

Address: 50 Noboribetsuonsencho, Noboribetsu, Hokkaido 059-0551, Japan
Opening Hours: 130am to 830pm daily

One of the most iconic attractions of Noboribetsu is the Jigokudani Hell Valley! This volcano is aptly named Hell Valley because of its hot steam vents and sulphurous streams.

Getting There
It is a 2 minute drive from Onsen Ichiba

Follow the walking trails from Hell Valley and you will reach Oyunuma, a sulphurous pond with a surface temperature of about 50 degrees celsius. The river flows out of a forest, making for an incredible sight you wouldn't want to miss.

Getting There
It is a 20 minute walk or 14 minute drive from Hell Valley

This natural foot bath located at the Oyunuma River is perfect for resting your tired feet after all that walking. The warm waters of the river will soothe the aches in your feet for sure.

Getting There
It is a 7 minute drive from the Pond

Lake Kuttara is a crater lake known for having some of the best quality water in Japan. You’ll be able to spot locals fishing for Salmon and Freshwater Crayfish. If you close enough to the edge, you can even see these crayfish and even salamanders gliding across the lake!

Getting There It is a 20 minute walk or 14 minute drive from Hell Valley

One of the essential experiences of staying in Noboribetsu is living in the onsen hotels!

End off your day with a relaxing hot spring experience at the comfort of your own hotel! Some of the recommended onsen hotels include:

  • Dai-ichi Takimotokan
  • Hotel Mahoroba
  • Noboribetsu Grand Hotel

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Noboribetsu in the winter, you definitely should not miss some of the seasonal winter activities. Snowshoe through the thick snow and come face to face with the snow monsters. These are the famous juhyo ice trees of Japan and they are heavily coated in frost, resembling a snow monster. Itinerary:

  • 10:30am Depart from selected hotel
  • 11:15am Snow Monster Tree Watching and Snowshoeing Tour (around 60 mins)
  • 1:00pm Return to selected hotel, end of tour

Hop onto the Japan Rail train with your Japan Rail Pass and set off for Toya from Noboribetsu. From there you will need to take the bus bound for Higashimachi Sun Palace and get off at Sakuramachi Bus Stop with your Kitaca Card. You’ll meet your guide at the Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort and set off on your Lake Toya tour!

Lake Toya is one of most beautiful locations in Hokkaido! Start off the day with a visit to the Silo Observatory in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park where you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the lake.

After which, visit Mt Yotei, a smaller but equally magnificent version of Mt Fuji at the Kyogoku Fukidashi Park.

Head off to Niki next where you’ll get a taste of some of Hokkaido’s best produce. At the Mushroom Kingdom, sample some of the freshest mushrooms before heading to the Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery where you’ll taste some of the world’s best single malt.

After which, choose between visiting Kitaichi Glass or Mt. Tenguyama where you can continue exploring the nooks and crannies of Toya. Whichever you pick, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel in Sapporo after.

The Sapporo Beer Garden is the perfect place to have your first dinner in Sapporo. Home of the local speciality the Ghengis Khan - a grilled lamb flavored with apple and lemon as well as the famous Hokkaido snow crab and of course Sapporo Beer!

Located in a heritage style building, this chimney on the exterior of the building will take you back to the 1890s.

Feasting on all you can eat lamb and crab after a long day out in the cold sounds like the perfect end to the day!

Getting There
Take the subway from Sapporo station to Higashikuyakusho-Mae Station and it is a short walk away !

Address: 9-2-10 Kita 7 Johigashi, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Opening Hours:Buffet schedule: 5:00pm-7:50pm (last entry at 7:50pm) Last order at 9:30pm

Visit some of Hokkaido’s top sites in a full day adventure of the Asahiyama Zoo and Shirogane Blue Pond! Meet adorable sea creatures like penguins, polar bears and seals as well as big cats wolves and even apes.

After which, head to the breathtaking Shirogane Blue Pond where the unique azure waters will leave you in awe.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you of Hokkaido’s beauty, head to the Shirahige Falls, a beautiful winter wonderland.

Lastly, end off the day at Ninguru Terrace in Furano, a small picturesque village with Timber cottages selling intricate specialty arts and craft products.

Getting There
It is a 15 minute walk from Sapporo Station

Meet up location: : Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo is the birthplace of Miso Ramen and there’s no better way to end a cold day out than slurping up a piping hot bowl of ramen. The Sapporo Ramen Yokocho has 17 different ramen stores for you to take your pick!

One of the more popular restaurants along the stretch is Teshikaga. Place your orders via their vending machines and await your bowl of ramen! There restaurants are very small and only seat about 8 people each time so be sure to finish your bowl and head off.

Getting there: It is a 12 minute walk from the TV tower

Address: 3 Chome Minami 5 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Opening Hours: 1130am to 3am daily

One of the must try winter activities in Hokkaido is smelt fishing! Head to the stunning Lake Shinotsu and try your hand at ice fishing.

Head inside a warm heated tent and learn the techniques of fishing for smelt. You can even enjoy your catch fried fresh on the spot or take them home with you.

After which, head off and warm up in the calm waters of a hot spring before heading back to Sapporo.

Getting There
It is a short 3 min walk from Sapporo station.

Meet up location: Sapporo Bus Station

One of the best places to get views of the city is definitely the Sapporo TV Tower! Standing at 147.2 metres tall, this is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Head up the tower to enjoy unobstructed views of the city from 90.28 metres above ground.

Getting There
It is a 13 minute walk from the Sapporo bus station

Address: Odori Nishi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, 060-0042
Opening hours Daily 9:00am-10:00pm

Embark on a night tour to Mt Moiwa and Mt Okura to end off the day. Head up Mt Moiwa and catch sights of the Hokkaido Government Office building as well as the Odori Park.

Ride the ropeway up the mountain and enjoy sprawling views of Sapporo along the way.

After that, fill your bellies at Mt Okura where you’ll get an all you can eat Genghis Khan lamb dinner at the Lamb Dining restaurant. Located at Mt Okura, a popular winter ski spot, you can even spot skiers doing their thing on your way up.

Getting There
It is a 13 minute walk from the Sapporo TV tower.

Meet up location: Sapporo Bus Terminal

Otaru is a quaint little port town located on Hokkaido Island and it is best known for its beautiful scenery and local exports. Let a guide take you on the tour of the beautiful Otaru Bay!

Start off the tour with the Otaru Canal Terminal where you’ll get to take in the unique architecture of the city centre.

Afterwhich, learn about the different local industries - music box making and glassworks. These museums will be the best place to take home a souvenir or two to commemorate your trip.

Head to the Tanaka Shuzo Brewery Kikko Gura next for a taste of some of Japan’s best sake! All this before ending your day with an amazing journey on the Mt Tengu Ropeway. Be sure to snap plenty of photos at the top of the mountain!

Getting There
It is a short 3 min walk from Sapporo station.

Meet up location
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

One of Hokkaido’s unique Japanese dishes is Soup Curry! This heavy, spicy comforting bowl of soup curry is something everyone needs to try in Hokkaido.

Made with freshly brewed broth and thickened with curry, you can choose between toppings like braised chicken legs and hamburger patties and top it off with vegetables, boiled eggs and even cheese!

Getting There
Take bus 55 to Kita 1 Jonishi 4-chome Bus Stop and change to bus 53 to Minami 3 Jo Nishi 14-chome Bus Stop. the store is a 10 minute walk away

13 Chome-4-5 Minami 8 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0808, Japan
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 12am

A quintessential Japanese experience is definitely soaking your worries away in an onsen!

The famous Jozankei Tsuruga Resort Spa Mori No Uta, which translates to Sonnet of the forest is the perfect place for relaxing.

There are massage rooms, saunas, and of course onsens. The outdoor onsens are surrounded by thick forests and naturally heated!

When you get hungry, head over to the restaurant and enjoy a buffet lunch all inclusive!

Getting There
It is a short 3 min walk from Sapporo station.

Meet up location:
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

Another must eat dish in Hokkaido is of course the famous Hokkaido Snow Crab! Kanki Honke is a Sapporo crab specialist and one of the best places to try out this crustacean.

Try out different types of crab dishes like fresh crab sashimi, crab sushi, roasted crab and so much more! There’s even crab hot pot for the cold weather.

Getting There
It is a short 3 min walk from Sapporo Bus Terminal.

2 Chome-1−18 Kita 3 Jōnishi, Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō 060-0003, Japan Opening hours:
Daily 11:30am-10:00pm (last order: 09:30pm)

End your last night in Hokkaido with Japan’s Largest ice cream sundae. Found exclusively at the Snow Brand Parlor, get ready to feast on this sweet treat.

The dream jumbo parfait consists of 45 heaping scoops of ice cream, jelly and cake. Be sure to pre order in advance if you wish to try this dessert.

Getting There
It is a short 2 minute walk from the Crab restaurant

〒060-0002 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Kita 2 Jonishi, 3 Chome−1−31 太陽生命札幌ビル Opening hours:
Daily 10am to 9pm

If you like Japanese tea, an activity you cannot miss is learning the ancient art of serving tea. Learn the secrets behind the taste in authentically brewed tea.

You can even choose to don a kimono to complete your experience!

Getting There
Take bus 1 from Sapporo station bus terminal to Sapporo factory bus stop and it is a 5 minute walk away

2 Chome-7-1 Minami 2 Jōhigashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 060-0052, Japan Opening hours:
10am to 530pm closed on Tuesdays and Wednesday

Okonomiyaki is one of Japan’s most popular dishes! These savory pancakes are filled with shredded cabbage and topped with meat or seafood. Have yours freshly grilled in front of you at Fugetsu!

Getting There
Take the bus 55/57/61 to Sapporo Station bus terminal and it is a 3 minute walk away

Japan, 〒060-0806 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Kita, 北6条西2丁目 Opening hours:
Daily 11am to 9pm

For your last winter adventure in Hokkaido, hop onto a snowmobile and shred through Japan’s largest snowmobile course.

Get ready to feel the wind in your face as you zoom past the beautiful white snowy landscapes. You might even spot some wildlife on the way so keep your eyes peeled!

Getting There
It is a 4 minutes walk from JR Sapporo Station

Meet up location
Hotel MyStays Sapporo Aspen

Enjoy traditional Kaiseki dishes at this cozy restaurant Hanayuzen! Whether you’re looking for steamed beef shabu shabu or some fresh seafood kaiseiki, you’ll find it here!

Getting There
Take the subway to Nakajimakoen Station and it is a 5 minute walk away.

B1F Jasmac Plaza Hotel, 3, Minami 7(shichi)-Jonishi, Sapporo-shi Opening hours:
Daily 5pm to 11pm

Here are some suggested stays for every wallet size.These are located around the different Hokkaido regions.
Budget Hotel
USD 60/night and below
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Sapporo Susukino
  • Sapporo View Hotel Odori Koen
USD 150/ night and below
  • Vessel Inn Sapporo Nakajima Park
  • Dormy Inn Premium Otaru
  • Sapporo Grand Hotel
USD 300/night and below
  • Dai-ichi Takimotokan
  • Hotel Okura Sapporo
Before leaving the airport, be sure to pick up the following items.
Item Location
4G WiFi Device New Chitose International Airport: International terminal building: Arrival lobby EASYGO counter (2/F)
Operating hours: 9:30am-6:30pm
JR Hokkaido Kitaca Card
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