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  • Mastura 18 Oct 2019

    Review for: Europe Rail Ticket

    A journey that worth to travel. A travel that worth your lifetime. 4 hours feels nothing with all the beautiful sceneries. Thing went smoothly with the vouchers duly received weeks before travel date. Klook prove to be the medium of excellence.

  • Chee Koon 15 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    For travellers who are planning for a long vacation in Switzerland, Swiss Travel Pass is definitely a must to have item. With the e-ticket, you are pretty much ready to start your tour once you arrived. Trust me, you won’t be able to find a better deal than Klook.

  • Bryan 15 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Very easy redemption with the E-ticket sent in less than a day. The swiss travel pass was also very easy to use. There was no need to buy any physical tickets for any of the train rides we were taking. It is worth it if you are planning to go long distances and travel up mountains like Schilitorn. Overall, it was very worth it to get the Swiss Pass during our trip.

  • Yuk Yi 14 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    We just bought an e-ticket version of swiss travel pass and its very convenient to use. You just need to show your QR code to train staff for their checking. Also you can get half price for cable car to the famous mountains and 1-hour boat trip. Unlimited transportation and museums!

  • JASMIN WEN LI 10 Oct 2019

    Review for: [E-Ticket] BritRail England Mobile Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8, 15, 22 Days or 1 Month)

    It was easy and amazing to used. And really worth the money. Transportation in UK is extremely expensive.. So with this pass it is very affordable. The moment we landed at heathrow, we activated our 8day pass and used the heathrow express transit at paddington and go to Oxford. Went to bicester village, Stratford-upon-Avon, London, bath etc. Sometimes the scanner at the train station is not working. But no worries, show ur pass to the train conductor. (print screen it into ur phone for easy reference). Would highly recommend this card

  • Gandya Parmeswari 9 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    I got 30% disc from Klook for 3 days Swiss Travel Pass. buying this pass already worths the money that you can get many beautiful destinations in Swiss, and get a cheaper price makes it more valuable 🤩. I stayed in Interlaken West, and in 2 days, I went to Harder Kulm (for STP holder, 16CFK returns for Funicular tickets), Grindelwald First Cliff walk (discount too), and Jungfroujoch (travelling from different railway when going up/down). You can go cruising for free with this pass too!! amazing

  • Andhika Kesuma 8 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive 3, 4, 8 or 15 Days)

    The swiss pass is very easy to use, no need validation in the train, bus, and boat, just hop on and hop off wherever you want. My family and I for the first time arrived in Zurich at 2.00pm in the afternoon. We have to run out our first day for 3-consecutive day passes by Zurich's river boat tour. We use the free attractions that swisspass offering for the next two days. We take the train to the Lucerne - Interlaken to reach Schilthorn mountain in the second day. My fam is very happy as their first time to touch the snow, hehe. The scenery of the journey from Lucerne to Interlaken is very amazing. We get into the train after a whole day trip about 8pm and no worry because there are still many trains and buses will take you in to your home base (we're renting a house near Lenzburg area). In the last day in Switzerland, we took another free offering from swisspass. We ride the train to the Stans to get Stansehorn mountain. From here you can see at the Switzerland's top of mountains. In the end of journey, we did relax our body and eye by Lake Lucerne 2 hrs cruise tour. I will choose this pass again if i travel to Switzerland. Thank you Klook for the offering special price and rate to us

  • Kathleen Zyrelle 8 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    I bought 3 consecutive days of the Swiss travel pass and it was worth. If you are a traveller that is planning to go around switzerland, this travel pass is a good choice. You can hop in and off for all kinds of their transport, have a discount for some activities and free entrance for some of the museums. In those 3 days, I was able to visit the chocolate and cheese factory in Gruyeres, went to Luzern to visit Mt. Titlis, rode the panoramic train from Luzern to Interlaken, Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen. In 3days, I was able to do all of those things and it was stunning and amazing.

  • PIMRUDEE 7 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Swiss pass saved you a lot when you want to explore Switzerland by train as it is quite expensive to do so. I used the 3 consecutive day pass to go from Zürich to Grindelwald-First, Schilthorn, Interlaken, Bern, Winterthur and St.Gallen. It covers almost everything from museum to transportation. The only thing I pay extra is half-price for the cable car to First. The rest of the journey is pretty much covered.

  • Aini Yasmin 7 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Really a lot cheaper to have the Swiss Pass rather than having to buy it every single time. And extremely convenient. Added upside is that it gives me some free entry to certain places like Stockhorn (I went there instead of Jungfrau and definitely didn’t regret it!) and Mt Rigi. Got to use it for the boat trips too ie Thun Lake and also at Lucerne (seriously scenic). Overall, expensive but worth it. Would buy again.

  • MUHAMMAD AFIQ 6 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Awesome trip going to Switzerland and with Swiss Travel Pass at your disposal, any destination you ever wanted to go is reachable! The ticket rate without using Swiss Pass is very pricey which limit our journey throughout the Swiss Alps. Very recommended to get this Swiss Pass when you travel here.

  • SURAJ 6 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Swiss travel pass is the best ever reasonable and easiest way to travel I found anywhere in the world. Swiss transportation being so costly, this pass just do wonders by allowing you travel any place in Switzerland via Train,Bus or Boat or anything you need with convenience with no need of unnecessary hastle of buying tickets everywhere standing in lines and paying hefty amount.It also lets you to buy so many activities at a much cheaper price for example a TITLIS ticket..A must buy!! Note- Its a great way to save money when you make its use as soon as you enter swiss border like you are travelling from Milan,Italy to Lucern,Switz..So as soon as your train enters swiss border,this pass validity starts so only buy a ticket from Milan to Chiasso further route is free😃


    Review for: Eurail Global Pass

    1st timer in using eurail global pass, alhamdulillah everything was a smooth ride. we had fun and hectic adventure though, catching the next train and so on... but believe me, you will laugh at the experience later. The Rail planner app helped us a lot during our hop on and off from train. Now all the train stations are easy to read and understand the signboard. we dont have any trouble with reservations as we did it on the train station on the spot. we travelled on flexibility, and this eurail pass gave us that flexibility without stress and pressure on chasing scheduled trains. if u miss the train u supposed to board, just catch the next one 😆

  • Ying 19 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Store your soft copy in your phone and you can easily pull it out whenever the train conductor ask for verification. Remember to bring your passport along with you

  • OOI LAN 11 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Is a must when you travel to Switzerland. It covered most of the transportation, super convenient and hassles free. It made my Swiss journey so much easier and wonderful.

  • Wei Ming 11 Oct 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Fuss free travel by buying this. Free travel on train and bus. Some mountain excursions are free as well, while most of the other excursions are discounted.


How to book a train ticket with Klook?

Simply enter your departure and arrival city, select a departure (and return) date & time, indicate the number of passengers, then tap or click the search button. You will be provided with a list of train itineraries that you can choose from

How early can I purchase a train ticket?

This varies depending on your selected train routes, and also ranges from countries and types of trains. Generally speaking, many of the European train tickets can be booked as early as 90 days before train departure. Below are some of the recommended timelines* for ticket booking according to train type and popular routes:

== Domestic Trains ==

TGV (within France): 90 days in advance ICE (within Germany): 180 days in advance Railjet (within Austria): 90 days in advance Freccirarossa, Frecciaasgento, and Frecciabianca (within Itlay): 120 days in advance NTV (within Italy): 120 days in advance AVE (within Spain): 75 days in advance National Rail (UK): 75 days in advance

== International Trains ==

Eurostar (London to/from Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam): 180 days in advance Thalys (Paris to/from Brussels and Amsterdam): 90 days in advance ICE (Germany to/from neighboring countries): 180 days in advance TGV (France to/from neighboring countries): 90 to 120 days in advance TGV Lyria (Paris to/from Geneva and Zurich): 120 days in advance Berlin-Warsaw Express: 60 days

== Night Trains ==

Intercites de Nuit (within France): 90 days in advance Italian night trains: 90 days in advance OBB Night Train (Austria to/from neighboring countries): 180 days in advance Thello (Paris to/from Milan and Venice): 120 days in advance Lusitania (Madrid to/from Lisbon): 60 days in advance

== Swiss Scenic Trains ==

Glacier Express (Zermatt - Brig - Chur / St. Moritz): 90 days in advance GoldenPass Line (Luzern - Interlaken - Zweisimmen - Montreux): 90 days in advance Bernina Express (Chur/Davos - St. Moritz - Tirano - Lugano): 90 days in advance Gotthard Panorama Express (Luzern - Fluelen - Bellinzona - Lugano): 90 days in advance

  • subject to change

What should I do if the booking is not open?

European train tickets are usually available for sale 90 days in advance, but if your preferred ticket is not yet available for purchase, it is probably because your desired ticket is not yet available at that time

Why can't I find the train I want to book?

There are several reasons why you might not find your desired train:

(1) Your desired train is full, or (2) Your desired train route is not yet available for booking, or (3) Your desired train route is temporarily closed for booking due to track maintenance works, or (4) Your desired train journey might contain more than two changes (our system is designed to filter out any train routes with more than two exchanges to give you the most direct route)

Can I make a reservation first and pay within 24-72 hours?

At the moment, it is not possible to reserve now and pay for a ticket later with Klook. To secure a ticket, please pay as soon as you have chosen your chosen route

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