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River Tracing Experience in Taitung

4.8 20 reviews | 400+ Booked
US$ 64.85
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US$ 12.65
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What people are saying about Outdoors & sports in Taitung

Ponarulselvam Published 135 days ago
Without knowing swimming finished successfully my first deep diving in green island! Super nervous at first but the coaches are too professional! Kudos to Olive and Mannie👌 completely satisfied and looking forward to dive in the another site in green island soon! Special mentioning Daniel as well 😎 #worth_it! 💯 #thanks for the experience and high quality pictures 😊😊
Telma Celeste Published 450 days ago
Amazing experience! the instructors are super nice and stayed with our party of 5, guided us along the Chaikou area and even gave us tips for taking pictures. There are full masks available for the ones that might prefer them. We took two normal ones and three full masks. Upon arrival we were briefed on how to breath and control the pressure when descending. We went at noon and saw so many amazing fish! Incredible experience, totally recommended for new divers coming to Green Island!
HUNG YU Published 492 days ago
It was the best diving experience in Green Island (Taitung Taiwan). Green Island has been known one of the best diving site in the world. I highly recommend to those love diving. Olive is my diver coach (very friendly), she has been taking good care of me when I dive under the sea. I was expressed her professional skill. Maybe one day I will get PADI OW dive license in Green Island. -James M
Melissa Published 595 days ago
Highly recommended for those who want to experience what it's like to dive. Instructors were patient with us and explained how we were to communicate underwater and what we will be experiencing when we're in the water. Equipment was 100% provided and were well-maintained. Instructors were 1 to 1 and it made us feel very safe in the water as they showed us around the dive spots.
I LIANG Published 821 days ago
Green Island diving experience is really a bit uneasy before we leave! There are no weak chickens that have crossed the sea. Swimming is not so good. I want to dive. Unbelievable, we did it! The process of experience is actually... there is no difficulty in imagination, everything is still full of fun, the coaches are full of humor, the pretentious explanation, the education we encounter, how to eliminate, gestures... commentary, back The equipment is reloaded and set off! A group of people marched forward to the destination, squatting through the sea, exploring the unknown, holding the curious heart. The underwater world is really beautiful and beautiful. There are many coral reefs and fish schools. Wonderful creatures... fun corals, it’s so cute, like the mimosa of the underwater world! This trip is really as truthful as the introduction, as long as you have a relaxed and comfortable mood, enjoy the quiet and dreamy underwater world. ✔Thanks to the diving coach group
Pak Ling Published 1263 days ago
It was an incredible experience. This activity is perfect for those who would like to experience diving but with no license. The driver who picks/drops me off was a very friendly lady who also guides me around the island on the way to the diving centre. The diving instructor (仙草)was very professional who gives clear instructions and advices. He also tried his very best to let me experience the beauty of the sea (w/o worrying about anything), by ferrying me in the sea throughout the experience, adjusting my BCD and took great photographs and videos of me under the sea and on ground. Definitely felt the passion and warmth of the crew of the Blue Safari Diving Center 藍莎潛水中心. Thank you so much!