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Maila Denise Published 605 days ago
The experience was the best. It lasted for almost 3 hours but that was because we enjoyed it too much. The serenity and the tranquility were what we enjoyed the most. You can paddle while standing up or sitting down. You can rest when you get tired and the best thing was you can lie done on your paddle board and just look above and gaze at the starts. It was very quiet and peaceful. If you are afraid of the dark then you should come prepared. They will give you a head flashlight so don't worry. But it will really get dark and it will just be the moon and stars which will illuminate the way. The fireflies were awesome, too, but were not that many. Maybe, because of the season but enough to be amazed and stay they to watch them. Just make sure that you are done by 8 PM if you did not book a hotel there. I came from Tagbilaran and the jeepneys were only until 6 pm and the bus is only until 8:30 PM. After we paddled, I immediately readied myself to go home. The guard was very helpful and was very worried since they were not sure if I would still be able to catch athe last bus. The motor ride was 500 php to Tagbilaran and honestly I didn't have the money. So it was decided that the motor will drive me to somewhere I could wait for the bus and if no bus they he will drive me to Tagbilaran. I was lucky because after 5 minutes, the last bus passed and I was able to ride it. If I was just 5 minutes late then I was so dead. I think the money was worth it. It could be really expensive but it was a unique experience. It really makes you one with nature.
Melanie Published 695 days ago
I am very satisfied with this experience. I didn't expect this to be the highlight of my Bohol trip. My guide, John, is very patient, kind and professional, and I'd like to commend him for the amazing job. He even took great photos and videos of me while paddling. In fact, when I come back to Bohol, I'd love to do this again and have him as my guide. I highly recommend this activity. And please don't forget to voluntarily tip the guide for their amazing job, although they do not ask for it.
Thi My Phuong Elisabeth Published 881 days ago
We loved the standup paddling! It was so much fun. I was very scared at the beginning but it is easier than it looks! Our guide was very nice too and took lots of pictures for us and even videos! After about an hour we were really tired so the time for this activity is perfect! After the standup paddling we were really hungry so we ate at the restaurant there. But I don’t recommend the restaurant because they were really slow and the food was pricey and didn’t taste good.
Joanna Published 900 days ago
I thought it was worth the cost. You have your own guide and you paddle along Loboc river. It’s very relaxing and if you time it right there’s no one else around. You get to use the rope swing and swim around afterwards. There are jellyfish in the river, so I would recommend wearing a rash guard if you’re going to swim.
Nurathiqah Published 974 days ago
We did both night and day tour. We did the night one first but we feel it is not enough because we cannot enjoy the view. The night one is okay. Firefly is not that many, it is quite unsafe as the boat keep coming and we need to quickly paddle away from the boat. The morning paddle is so worth it! Tho it is cheaper than the night one. Our guide is so friendly, funny and helpful! We totally enjoy the morning paddle. Less boat crossing around too. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!