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Michael Published 203 days ago
Experience was simple. Wife printed out the tickets, we walked right up the presale line and they scanned the papers and we were in. If you want to be at the peak of the the high roller when the bellagio show starts, try to time getting into your pod at :20 and :50 past the hour. We nailed it and the show started right as the countdown to the top of the high roller was reached. It was pretty awesome for that. Would absolutely use Klook for this again.
Andy Published 240 days ago
Kook to the rescue again against long lines. Bought two tickets and went through skipping the ticket entry line. Initially one of the employees thought I had to line up and pick up my tickets physically so she had me wait on the wrong line; she corrected herself and scanned my ticket and allowed me to enter. Lovely and stunning view upstairs in the sphere. Due to covid they’re allowing approximately 10 person per. It’s definitely more than enough room for everyone to move around. I’d definitely suggest going during evening.
avanish Published 242 days ago
Good experience buying the ticket and taking the ride. But the personnel who was scanning the ticket, was sceptical if the bar code provided by a third party can be scanned. So they suggested us to get the tickets from ticketmaster. But it was 10 dollars more expensive than the price provided in klook. So, we took the chance to buy the tickets here and didn’t face any issues
Published 243 days ago
I was skeptical at first since I've never heard of Klook, but everything went smoothly and as advertised. Yes, you do have to make the extra step of proving you made the transaction (screenshot of your pending purchase from your credit card), but that's to protect both parties. I would buy from them again.
Samantha Published 521 days ago
ticket was easy to redeem. honestly going to vegas during a pandemic was FABULOUS and highly recommend. no crowds. no lines. we had our own pod on the high roller, whereas years past we've been crammed with 20 others fighting for window space to see the view. go to vegas now! once in a lifetime experience. seriously!
Phuc Thinh Published 825 days ago
It was easy to redeem for the attraction. We bought a 5 choices one. I recommend if you choose to purchase this, be sure to use it mostly for the show rather than the other attraction. I also recommend redeem the Monorail so you can easily getting around the strip. These are the picture at the marvel station