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Reviews (3,716) 4.7
  • Thandar 14 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Amazing Switzerland 🇨🇭 The Swiss travel was very very useful for us. All train rides and museums tickets are free. You just need to show the travel pass to train conductor. Recommend to buy Swiss travel if you want to spend 3 or more days in Switzerland.

  • JING YING 14 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Extremely convenient! I was comparing this with half fare card before purchasing. I had even worked out a spreadsheet to calculate the fare difference, and in fact this is a bit more pricey than half fare card. However we can just hop on any train or bus for hassle free transport and this save us time. We managed to visit a free museums, a boat trip and some attractions for free, and it gives good discount to mountain excursions. highly recommended.

  • Desheng 13 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    E-ticket is issued almost immediately after payment to my email. The cost of transportation in expensive and hence, I do recommend to get this travel pass. It also come with free museum pass. Overall, a must-buy for a Swiss holiday!

  • Rahul 11 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    This pass is a your ticket to a relaxing holiday in Switzerland. We just showed this pass on our mobile phones to the ticket examiners and roamed around. Also, cost of an excursion to Mt. Titlis is slashed by 50% with this pass. If you want to be VIPs in Switzerland, get this pass. P.S:- Depending on how much you're planning to travel it might seem cheaper to get individual tickets but this pass saves you a lot of time and trouble getting individual tickets everywhere.

  • Gan 6 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    4days in switzerland only can breakeven with travel pass.only gain is the convenience~maybe 8days you can gain with the pass.overall easy to use.just print out and show to officer whichever transport or museum you are going.

  • Nur Elena Ayuni 11 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Explore beautiful Switzerland with such ease using the Swiss Rail Pass. You get to cover a lot of places with additional discounts for certain activities.

  • Wing Yin 5 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Half Fare Card

    This half fare card is very useful and applies to most trains and cable cars my trip. There was travel adaptor and tote bag from Klook as free gifts as well. Nice!

  • SriShankar 16 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Getting the Swiss pass via Klook was a good deal cos we saved a lot of money as compared to if we were to buy it from their website. We were able to take train rides to many places and see amazing views. This pass is very useful for travellers who will be travelling all around Switzerland.

  • Rachel 10 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Great way to save money if you’re travelling a lot by train. It also acts as a museum pass and lets you gain free access to most major museums. If you’re staying in Switzerland for 2 weeks at least, this will be ideal.

  • Jamilol Nasir 9 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Thanks KLOOK . Klook made it easy with my travelling plan. With the Swiss Travel Pass, I don't have to worry about overbudget travelling expenses. I can change my destination at the eleventh hour if the weather is not good and go to other places without incurring extra cost.

  • JAGADEESH 7 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Had a bought a Swiss train flex pass for 4 days. It has to be mandatory in physical format. Klook delivered it on time without any delivery charges and at 8% discount as well. They are aggressively pricing it for India, which is way ahead and better than any aggregator. Just make sure you book it atleast 10 days before to avoid any issues with the customs delay. I have so far used to roam around Lucerne, Bern city and other mountain areas near by. And they additionally provide gifts like universal adapter which is very useful and better than the one i purchased.

  • Suttipong 16 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Very good price. Easy to use. Swiss travel pass very comfortable to use. You can take every transport in swiss. You can go everywhere you prefer.

  • prasertsiriphong 10 Sep 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Very good Switzerland very beautiful. Swiss travel pass is easy. You just print the ticket and show when you use the transportation.

  • Yin Ting 31 Aug 2019

    Review for: Swiss Half Fare Card

    It was a really convenient way to buy the half price pass with extra discount. You can simply input your pass info into the SBB app for online purchases of the train tickets. Moreover, you can get various discount for other travelling passes and entrance tickets in Swiss.

  • Mark Stefan 25 Aug 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    If you are planning for a trip to Switzerland, this pass is highly recommended. Bear in mind that on the spot purchase of public transportation tickets are super expensive where a 10 minute train ride could cost you around 20-30CHF. Believe me, the amount of money spent on public transportation will be more than the price of this pass, if you do not have one. All forms of transportation are free with this pass (buses, boats, trains and trams) and you can basically joyride around Switzerland itself. This however does not include mountain excursions (Gornegrat, Jungfraujoch, Grindelwald First, and any transportation that involves the usage of cogwheel train, funicular train or cable car). However, fares for these mountain excursions will usually be discounted if you own this pass. I personally purchased the 8-days Electronic pass and printed out a copy before my trip. You can use this straight away without the need of validation. Present the pass together with your passport once asked by the conductor.

  • Olivia 23 Aug 2019

    Review for: Swiss Travel Pass

    Super easy to use and although expensive, it’s worth the price. Do consider getting this as it covers most transport networks within the country, except for major tourist attractions (for those you’ll get 50% off)


How to book a train ticket with Klook?

Simply enter your departure and arrival city, select a departure (and return) date & time, indicate the number of passengers, then tap or click the search button. You will be provided with a list of train itineraries that you can choose from

How early can I purchase a train ticket?

This varies depending on your selected train routes, and also ranges from countries and type of trains. Generally speaking, many of the European train tickets can be booked as early as 90 days before train departure. Below are some of the recommended timelines* for ticket booking according to train type and popular routes:

== Domestic Trains ==

TGV (within France): 90 days in advance ICE (within Germany): 180 days in advance Railjet (within Austria): 90 days in advance Freccirarossa, Frecciaasgento, and Frecciabianca (within Itlay): 120 days in advance NTV (within Italy): 120 days in advance AVE (within Spain): 75 days in advance National Rail (UK): 75 days in advance

== International Trains ==

Eurostar (London to/from Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam): 180 days in advance Thalys (Paris to/from Brussels and Amsterdam): 90 days in advance ICE (Germany to/from neighboring countries): 180 days in advance TGV (France to/from neighboring countries): 90 to 120 days in advance TGV Lyria (Paris to/from Geneva and Zurich): 120 days in advance Berlin-Warsaw Express: 60 days

== Night Trains ==

Intercites de Nuit (within France): 90 days in advance Italian night trains: 90 days in advance OBB Night Train (Austria to/from neighboring countries): 180 days in advance Thello (Paris to/from Milan and Venice): 120 days in advance Lusitaina (Madrid to/from Lisbon): 60 days in advance

== Swiss Scenic Trains ==

Glacier Express (Zermatt - Brig - Chur / St. Moritz): 90 days in advance GoldenPass Line (Luzern - Interlaken - Zweisimmen - Montreux): 90 days in advance Bernina Express (Chur/Davos - St. Moritz - Tirano - Lugano): 90 days in advance Gotthard Panorama Express (Luzern - Fluelen - Bellinzona - Lugano): 90 days in advance

  • subject to change

What should I do if the booking is not open?

European train tickets are usually available for sale 90 days in advance, but if your preferred ticket is not yet available for purchase, it is probably because your desired ticket is not yet available at that time

Why can't I find the train I want to book?

There are several reasons why you might not find your desired train:

(1) Your desired train is full, or (2) Your desired train route is not yet available for booking, or (3) Your desired train route is temporarily closed for booking due to track maintenance works, or (4) Your desired train journey might contain more than two changes (our system is designed to filter out any train routes with more than two exchanges to give you the most direct route)

Can I make a reservation first and pay within 24-72 hours?

At the moment, it is not possible to reserve now and pay for a ticket later with Klook. To secure a ticket, please pay as soon as you have chosen your chosen route

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