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Chiang Mai Beyond the City 2021

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Why people love Chiang Mai

Published 338 days ago
It is really convenient to pick up from the hotel! The guide Mr. Money is very good at Chinese, humorous and relevant knowledge! After arriving at Doi Inthanon National Park, it starts to cool down. It is strongly recommended to bring a thick coat even if it is hot on flat ground. It's cold (I think the temperature is just right after wearing uniqlo's light down jacket) Doi Inthanon National Park scenery has the feeling of small Alishan, and some trails have a sense of disrepair but it is a good place to absorb fenduojing! The King and Queen Twin Towers are also very beautiful, very special buildings, and the surrounding landscape of flowers and trees are also very beautiful, which is quite suitable for sketching (as long as you are not afraid of sun...). Although the lunch is a table dish, the taste is not bad! You can talk to the tour guide until you have enough time to eat! In the afternoon, I go to the Royal Project store, which is super good to buy souvenirs!! It is recommended to bring a shopping bag before you go, if you forget to bring There are also shopping bags from the Royal Project on site, you can buy as much as you like~~~
Published 146 days ago
In this booking, I only got 1 person. We booked a separate program for him with the same date and time. Our first booking was for 4 people. We were anxious at first as we thought the 5 of us will get separated. But with the help of the "NOTE" section of Klook Booking, I was able to explain that we are all 5 people. And yes, we were together the whole trip. Yeheeey!!👍😁 P. Man was our driver and tour guide. He has the most pleasant personality ever. He also has a good command in English. He explained every detail to us perfectly - from time of travel, break time, arrival at the camp, and the program. Everything was well-planned and expounded! During our 4-day stay in Chiangmai, we could all agree that this was the BEST OF ALL. The experience of knowing more about rescued elephants and interacting with them was the complete highlight. We enjoyed feeding and taking a bath with them. Oh, in our eyes we were lucky as we were the only guests (5 people) that day since only a few tourists came due to Covid19. This is only for our personal benefit. But thinking about it, having only us in that program the whole day is such a bad flow of business. I felt bad realizing how much money and effort they have to produce everyday for the welfare of all the elephants even with a little profit. Everyone of us agreed of going back to this same camp next time as we hope to support their goal. We also gave P. Man a monetary donation at the latter part of the program to help survive their needs. We highly encourage you to do so. Please go to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiangmai to find out how much you could help too. Thank you so much. Another plus points: +packed food was delicious, healthy, and clean +free EJS Tote Bags +all staffs were very cheerful and respectful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE!!!

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