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Hamburg has seen a lot of action in the past century; the economic boom of its maritime industry, its steadfast seat as a prime European trading center, and its trend-setting youth culture from the 60s are just a few sides of its exciting history and legacy. This wealthy port town is now a place of arts and culture appreciation, gourmet adventures, and nighttime notoriety. Follow this guide so you’ll never run out of things to do in Hamburg!

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Situated along the port of Elbe River is the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, a concert hall with the most acoustically advanced features in the world. This waterfront musical wonder is an all-glass architectural wonder inspired by waves and icebergs. Visit the Plaza, its 37-meter high viewing platform that overlooks the harbor. You can also check out concert halls through guided tours, where you’ll learn about its history as built heritage, its construction as a Hamburg landmark, and its musical program.
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Miniatur Wunderland

Experience the world from the outside looking in at Miniatur Wunderland, a fully-functioning model railway and airport exhibit that runs around the world. Miniatures of famous cities in the Alps, Austria, Hamburg, United States of America, Scandinavia, and Italy are brought to life by the smallest of details. 400,000 human figurines live in a world of replicated famous landmarks, accessible by 1,300 trains, 10,000 carriages, and 100,000 moving vehicles. This ever-expanding attraction has guided tours available for booking online.
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The soul of Hamburg lies in St. Pauli, the infamous entertainment district that houses Reeperbahn. Feel the rush of excitement and activity as nightclubs and bars pump wicked energy into the veins of the city. The red-light street is also an artist’s urban escape -- theaters and galleries run risque exhibits and shows packed with a shock factor. Pop culture and the underground scene meet halfway in pop-up markets, street fairs, and outdoor concerts, inciting unforgettable parties that’ll be the talk of the town until the next year comes and a new one is celebrated once again.
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The Hamburg Rathaus, or more commonly known as Townhall, is the seat of Hamburg’s senate and parliament. Its renaissance revival architecture was finished in 1897 and has been a famous facade in the city ever since. A guided tour will take you around the courtyard and Greek-inspired fountain that looks even more gorgeous once the Christmas Market is set up. Its well-preserved interior space can also be visited by civilians from Monday to Sunday.
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