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Hanoi Local Sightseeing 2021

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Why people love Hanoi

Published 180 days ago
It would have been okay if it was the time when the rice was growing, but the views were all empty, so it was not good. Hangmuah?san suddenly got stuck on schedule and spent 100,000 VND... I haven't seen anything noticed;; And the jjangando... it was just a repeating landscape. I doze off in the middle ㅠㅅㅜ 5 points are purely because the guide worked hard... The guide who worked hard even in difficult times//
Nhat Linh
Published 122 days ago
Considered i was lucky to meet a nice tourguide as mr Uoc who’s never failed to make us smile or even lol. The tour itself is already amazing, but thanks to his logical arrangement, we all visited enough places at their perfect timing and enjoyed it a lot. Trang An is extremely wonderful, above my expectation tbh. 600k vnd is too good for such a memorable trip. It’s worth spending your money and time❤️
Phuong Hoa
Published 74 days ago
HDV is enthusiastic, good driver, funny and knowledgeable. Food was ok. Reasonable tour schedule, enough to go all the points. However, it was a bit of a problem at first because I was translating but I can't confirm whether or not. In short, you can still walk normally if you pass the temperature check and medical report

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