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Why people love Osaka

Published 349 days ago
The VIP Lounge in Osaka was easy to find through google maps. Since their location is within a business district, you still have a lot of places to visit in case you wish to wander around or grab something to eat while waiting for your departure. The bus ride itself is commendable too. Fell asleep as soon as we hopped in and woke up already in Tokyo. Just a few notes for tourists: there's no toilet in the bus, and if you are tall, try considering the 3-seater bus which has more leg room.
Published 319 days ago
I bought a lot of tickets on Klook this time, and they are really great value. We live in Osaka, and we have already paid back the fare between Kyoto and Osaka in two days. There is no need to use this for two consecutive days. This is awesome👍 🏻 Unfortunately, there is not enough time, otherwise there are many places to go! If you arrange a day in Kyoto and a day in Kobe, this coupon is also completely cost-effective! But Kyoto is so beautiful, it is recommended to go for more than two days!
Review for: YOKOSO! Osaka Ticket
Published 305 days ago
Travel to Kansai, take the Blue Knight Train to Osaka with Underground and Unlimited Bus in 1 Day !! YOKOSO! Osaka Ticket Pass that is suitable for travelers who get off at Kansai Airport. You will receive a ticket that can take the ultimate express bus like Namba Access Rapi: t. The ticket travels to Namba Station in just 38 minutes. It also allows unlimited use of the subway and bus for 1 day. (Can be used on the day of arrival or the next day) and also get special discounts for 32 tourist spots in Osaka
Published 248 days ago
This is really convenient! It allows me to travel to and from Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka frequently. It is as convenient as I am doing the MRT, and I don’t feel bad about my purse. I can also get off the car willfully and play wherever I go. If I’m an old Japanese player like me, Experience a purposeless trip, very recommended to buy!
Published 177 days ago
We plan to stay in Osaka for 6 days with day trips to Kyoto, Hiroshima & Miyajima, Kobe & Himeji. We are planning to purchase the Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass but would like to know if we still need to purchase additional Area Pass for day trips to Osaka and Kyoto. Our hotel is right across Moriguchishi Station and from what I understand, runs the Keihan Line which carries the Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass.
Published 161 days ago
This Hanshin Electric Railway One Day Roll can be picked up at the airport, so it is very convenient~ It not only saves time, but also saves us a lot of transportation expenses!! It is very convenient for tourists who want to go back and forth to Osaka and Kobe in a day, so I recommend you to buy it. ~

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