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[Exclusive Offer] teamLab Planets Toyosu Tokyo Admission Ticket
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[KLOOK Exclusive] Art Aquarium Museum Ticket in Tokyo
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"HANA・BIYORI" A New Sensation Flower Park in Tokyo
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TOKYO SKYTREE® Admission Ticket
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Little Planet DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Ticket
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Tokyo Bay Afternoon Cruise with Tea Time (the Symphony)
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[KLOOK Exclusive] Tokyo Tower Observatory Admission Ticket
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Unko Museum Ticket in Tokyo
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Tokyo Joypolis Passport
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Shinagawa Aquarium Admission Ticket

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Why people love Tokyo

Since I went with my friends, the set ticket was discounted by a total of 800 yen! Even though it was a weekday, I was lined up to buy 5 or 6 sets of tickets, but I was glad that I could easily issue tickets by simply holding the QR code over the machine with a Web ticket, and I could put them in smoothly without lining up! There were not a few people, but I was able to go with peace of mind because the corona insurance was included free of charge. On the observatory deck, you can walk on the glass and get a 360-degree view of Tokyo from the glass windows, which gives you an overwhelmingly extraordinary feeling! Above all, there is a photo service on each floor and you can get one small photo for free, so that alone will be a memorable one. I don't urge you to make a forcible purchase, so you can easily decline it, and if you want to purchase it, you can save it on your mobile phone with a large photo and data for 1500 yen, so I thought it was a good deal! In the observation corridor, unlike the deck, the structure of the building is slope-shaped, and you can take pictures with a new sensation. I am very happy to be able to take beautiful pictures in the observation corridor, even if the pictures tend to be backlit on the lower floors!
Get a chance to see the city of Tokyo from one of the most famous observatory towers in the world, the Tokyo Tower. This tower is also known as the ‘Eiffel Tower of Japan.’ Standing on it, you can enjoy a spectacular and a breath-taking view of the city, making your trip to Tokyo an unforgettable one. Additionally, this tour ticket also enables access to the One Piece Tower. The theme park here is truly amazing, and definitely a place for you if you are an anime love. You can enjoy the comic culture of Tokyo by visiting this park and make the most of your trip. The tour is valid for one day only and is not a guided one.
I feel that I must try the puffer fish cuisine when I go to Japan, so I chose to order it at the Klook special price. Besides, Genpin is a well-established and well-established restaurant. Besides being cost-effective, I can eat with confidence! We chose the Roppongi store. After eating, you can go to the trendy Tokyo Midtown. It is also great to take a look at the high-end Japanese supermarkets!
I think it's super! it is good! play! Recommended for couples or playing half pipe tokyo with ambiguous people, it is fun and not scary. If you don’t understand the Japanese part of the haunted house, you don’t know what it is doing. At that time, it was translated into English by Japanese female high school students who came in together, but the atmosphere was very good. Overall it is recommended, there are lockers inside so you can play very freely
I used a hakama plan to have my friends wear it. In a nutshell, I'm very happy with this rental! Although it was reasonably priced, the fabric was solid and the color pattern was cute, and the hair set made short hair beautifully braided. Also, thanks to the fact that everything was completed in a short time of about 1 hour from the reserved time, I was able to fully enjoy the schedule after that. Even though it was a long walk in Asakusa, it was very good that my kimono and hair did not collapse. My friend, who was new to hakama, was relieved to say that it wasn't painful. Above all, I would like to thank all the staff of Hua Ya for their warm and courteous response from beginning to end! It was fun to talk a lot, and I was happy to remember that he took pictures outside. It was my first time to use such a rental, so I was a little worried, but I'm glad to meet Kamiya from many shops ◎ Please come back to Asakusa. If you are thinking of using it in the future, please feel free to enjoy the rental (* ^^ *) Thank you very much for this time!
It’s very comfortable to ride. It’s just like the Taiwan High Speed Rail. It just happens to be off-peak hours, and it’s better if there are fewer people. It’s just that I didn’t take a picture of the seat at the moment. It’s a pity that it’s too tiring to fly in the early morning! In addition, I saw the beautiful photos of Ueno Park when I came out👍 There was a blooming season at that time. Although I didn't go to see it, the neighborhood is beautiful. You can also walk here to see the Shiba Inu Maru specialty store! Super happy💗🥳

Top sights in Tokyo

A city that never sleeps, Tokyo is the preferred destination for tourists who want to experience the perfect fusion of classical and contemporary. From dazzling neon-lit skyline and vibrant culture to its historical sites and timeless traditions, a wide range of fun things to do in Tokyo awaits you! Start your adventure with our list of top 10 places to visit in Tokyo!

Tokyo Skytree

Recognized as the tallest tower in Japan, Tokyo Skytree stands tall at Oshiage in Sumida City. This massive radio tower offers two observation decks where you can gaze upon the beautiful city skyline. Tembo Deck has three floors that feature a souvenir shop, a cafe, and the Musashi Sky Restaurant, while Tembo Galleria’s iconic skywalk can be accessed through a quick elevator ride from the first deck. Getting a fast Skytree combo ticket helps you skip the long queues and gives smoother access to the two observation decks.
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Senso-ji, also known as the Asakusa Kannon Temple, is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. Just a 5-minute walk from Asakusa Station, this heritage of Japanese culture is surrounded by monumental gates and houses a five-tiered pagoda, several halls, a scenic garden, and the famous shopping street Nakamise-Dori. Tourists can also try a plethora of other things like the street food, the omikuji (fortune-telling paper strips), traditional chochin (paper lanterns), a rickshaw ride, and a kimono experience! The Tokyo Skytree can also be seen across the river, creating a magnificent blend of modern and traditional scenery.
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Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is the original landmark of Japan’s capital that is located at the Shiba-Koen district of Minato. Two observation decks are offering 360-degree panoramic views of the metropolitan horizon. The main observatory can be easily accessed via an elevator, but if you are up for a challenge, you can choose to take the 600-step stairs. Don’t miss the thrill of standing on the glass floor or visit the famous Foot Town that features an aquarium, an anime theme park, a wide range of shops for souvenirs, and a food court of international restaurants.
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Meiji Jingu

Located beside the Harajuku and Yoyogi Station, Meiji Shrine is a peaceful and ethereal forest thriving at the heart of the city’s concrete jungle. Dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, it is one of the most visited shrines in Japan with an enormous Torii gate that marks the entrance to the sacred world. You can enjoy a relaxing stroll through the tranquil walking paths. If you plan to visit on a Sunday morning, traditional Shinto weddings can also be seen happening on the shrines.
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