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Pingtung Dive & Snorkel 2021

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Why people love Pingtung

Published 186 days ago
I’m really nervous. The coach is very good. I train beforehand. I always pay attention to my condition when I dive. I’m not used to the mouthpiece oxygen mask. Although I haven’t taken many photos, it’s a different experience under the sea. It took about half an hour. Time passed quickly. I saw turtles and the coach spent most of the time watching me. It’s been hard for him.
Published 40 days ago
The instructor Big Bear was very good and patient and took me to experience diving with my girlfriend. The seas in Kenting are really beautiful! I highly recommend this itinerary. You must come to experience it and you will not regret it. It is recommended that important items can be locked in the car. There is no door on the locker and feel uneasy
Published 37 days ago
Even the fake Xiaoliuqiu is terrible. Coach Aken explained carefully before the trip, but there are really too many fakes, a little busy, it's really hard, but the weather is good, and I caught up with the sunset, and patted it hard. It’s the right time to take pictures. On holidays with a lot of people, it is recommended to bring your own waterproof filming equipment, otherwise you have to stick to the coach to take more pictures.
yen ju
Published 24 days ago
It’s so good that the coach is very attentive when he writes a comment for the first time. Before diving, he will talk about the condition of the seabed first, and he will not be overlooked because there is only one person. The whole is perfect. It is also very lucky to see the turtles. It is a good thing to see. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Experience, have a chance to visit again next time☺️☺️
Published 23 days ago
Our coach Coco is really super patient! Some people in the same group really dare not go into the water, can't relax, and can't find the trick, but the coach is very patient and keeps repeating the teaching. After going out to sea, he will care about the situation every 10 seconds, which is really reassuring and reassuring~ Fortunately Finding a great coach made us a group of precious memories and helped us to take a lot of memories photos! Next time I come, I will definitely find a coach to dive deep! !

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