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Why people love Hong Kong

Yan Yan Cecilia
Published 228 days ago
Very good activity, suitable for family. Although the place is relatively remote, it can be reached by car. If there are elderly or children, they can get off the car directly at the venue. Three hours full of knowledge of the ocean and plants has increased my interest in nature. I never thought that there are so many varieties of plants in Hong Kong. The guide is clear and experienced, and a lot of information is worth participating.
Published 200 days ago
It is the first time for the business people in the same house to take a sampan to visit the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter and take a photo in front of the Xiangbao Seafood Boat. 10 people ride a sampan, half of Hong Kong people, half of foreigners and Taiwanese. The aunt of the sampan is very tolerant. If it is safe, you can slowly change the position on the left boat to take pictures. The itinerary includes visiting the house boat, learning about the customs and culture of the people on the water, and trying to write calligraphy. Each person will have a piece of horse zaizi, lemon tea and fish soup boat zaizi noodles, so delicious!
Published 176 days ago
Very satisfied with the event arrangement, the price is favorable, there is no need to queue for the cable car, the ticket exchange is quick and convenient, the two of us can already book the cable car. The tour guide is detailed and very professional. When eating vegetarian food at Po Lin Monastery, we are two of us. We don’t have to worry about having a meal with other people. We eat comfortably and deliciously. If we have time next time, we will continue to participate.
Published 176 days ago
The professional guides made me realize through the explanation that the transfer station of Mai Poney in Hong Kong is important to birds and it is worthy of the protection and conservation of Hong Kong people. Of course, it is not only important to raise environmental awareness and protect the natural environment. Recommended!
Published 160 days ago
The ordering process is smooth. Before the activity, there is an email reminding you that the dolphin watching journey is pleasant. The quality of the yacht is good. The dolphin watching company leader. Kind dolphin ecological instructions. Detailed care of the group members. Be careful and considerate.
Wing Huen
Published 53 days ago
The price of the activity is reasonable and the itinerary is rich. Before boarding the boat, I will explain the information of Hong Kong corals, then take a one-hour glass-bottom boat to watch different types of corals, and finally watch a documentary to understand the threat of plastics to the marine ecology. The WWF staff explained the whole event vividly, interestingly and clearly. It is recommended to choose the round-trip shuttle service provided by Qudi.

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