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Why people love Hong Kong

hiu hung
Published 169 days ago
It is simply the "Hong Kong version" "Spirited Away" plus "Harbin Mobile Castle"! ! It is the first time to circle the Aberdeen Treasure Seafood Painting Boat for a week. It's really stylish up close! I really want to get on the boat to find the white dragon! Klook you guys start a group! Let's come first! One is playing Xiaoqian and the other is faceless man! The net system feels so explosive! 🤣In addition, the check-in position lighting on the home boat has a beautiful skin effect, praise! Come to Dingzihe for lunch, right! It is the dusk of Nanlang Mountain full of camellia, biting the hotel cookies, refreshing! After the mountain trip, I went to the little chef under the hotel for dinner. The fried clams are so big! Another porridge with sliced goose and oysters is delicious! Back to the hotel for a good night's sleep, the hotel has a Japanese feel, the bed is very comfortable! And the morning run by the waterfront is cool! Of course, a little trip to the nearby outlet shopping! There is a bus 95., 671 directly to the outlet behind the hotel! Go to Japan to do it (up to the mountain and the sea, morning run, big food and laugh, desperately shopping) 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼🤣I have the same loudness show! The PS staff (hotels, shops, local tours, outlets) are so kind to the people you meet on the road, is it the style of South Hong Kong Island?
Kit Yi
Published 94 days ago
One word, reach! When the car was parked in Hong Kong City, I went to CHECK IN. The staff was so polite. After completing the formalities, they sent me to the place to take the elevator. As for the room on the 22nd floor, take the elevator to the 21st floor and then go up the stairs. The room is so big (please refer to the photo), it should be the upgraded left frame house?? The view is nowhere to be seen, open the curtains and stretch your head out to see a "line" of sea view (Zhongyao is not the front view) XD The bathroom is large enough for drying, and all the supplies are available. Mao Buli said, there are face towels, hand towels and large towels. Don't wear a towel to dry the whole body. XD There is a coffee machine to return a cup of coffee, but I have no drink. There are empty bottles for you to go out to pour water and drink. Some people may worry about hygiene. Our land is OK. Environmental protection is good. You can drink as much as you want. After taking a break to the left, I went to Satay Xuan for afternoon tea, which tasted good and had enough portion. There is a lady in Satay Xuan who should be kind to her friend, and she will take the initiative to introduce me to go out to watch the sunset :) When I eat afternoon tea, I will ask you what time you want to send dinner to your room. Dinner was delivered to the room on time, the food was hot and spicy! Maybe I eat too frequently and I'm so full that I don't want to eat some dishes. XD. The second breakfast is at Cafe on the Park, but the Bak Kut Teh tastes numb. During CHECK OUT, the staff will bury the receipt for you to go to China Hong Kong City to redeem the free parking discount. Don’t wash $1200, there is a room with a big room, three meals, and 24 hours of free parking. It’s really pretty good~ The only flaw, don’t know it is because it is on the top floor, close to the computer room (?), There will be machine noises every day, morning and morning. If the environment is quiet, the rooms on the mile floor are not suitable for you~
Hoi Mei
Published 78 days ago
When staying in Hong Kong, I feel like a vacation. The terrace room looks at the sunset on the beach. I sigh with champagne and sit on the terrace to watch the sunset. It’s so leisurely and enjoyable. The set meal includes a two-person bon choi on the left. The ingredients are rich and the flavor is also right. The breakfast buffet is not too much, but it is enough. Overall, I am very satisfied, the service is correct, cost-effective, and will go again
Man Ling
Published 32 days ago
This is my first staycation in a downtown hotel in Hong Kong. There is a shopping mall right off the street. The children are happiest to have Easter knock-knock-boo with small hand-made, and can paint egg paintings. Dad will go to the left seaside for a run at night. This is the urban area. The price is not expensive, I thought the rooms in the city would be smaller, but they were all normal size! There are not many types of breakfast food, that is, there are almost all normal breakfasts. Children like the paintings on the walls of the dining room!
Published 31 days ago
Okay, the hotel has to email to check in early to avoid the problem of queuing on the spot and carrying the key. The room is very new and looks out to the sea. Feed me dinner and all kinds of drinks are good, but the meal is preset and the food is not too much. . Breakfast can be arranged for an hour, but it is reasonable for many people to consume in Hong Kong.
Yuk Man
Published 25 days ago
It was a bit messy during check-in, probably because there were so many people waiting to check-in during the long vacation, and the front desk forgot to give the spa discount coupon when checking in. The hotel staff are generally very polite and will help immediately when they encounter problems. The staff at the entrance of the hotel turned a blind eye except when they boarded the car at the front door when they were leaving. Due to the elderly, children, wheelchairs and luggage, we are a little embarrassed. This time I stayed in a barrier-free room, there was an enzymatic smell when I entered the room, and the large bath towel in the room was dusty to the touch, so I didn't dare to use it. The space in the room is more abundant than in ordinary Hong Kong hotels, but the design of the bathing area in the bathroom is not very good. After taking a bath, the whole bathroom is covered with water and it is completely wet. I hope it can be improved. We have used the one-hour bicycle package and the $400 Spa coupon this time. The environment and service of the spa are good. Fortunately, the hotel swimming pool will reopen during the stay, but be aware that there are time slots because the hotel needs to be disinfected.

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