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Hui Chung
Published 379 days ago
It’s still very comfortable to do it again~ Push and push 👍 This time I was massaged by another aunty masseur. Although the strength is a little bit stronger, I like Abby who massaged me before for comfort~ And this time the service is the boss, but The first time I came, it was a sister. After pressing it, I made a cup of tea for me, but this time the boss is gone. Generally speaking, I prefer the feeling of coming for the first time. The service feels more heartwarming, but the focus is on massage. I always push it anytime because it is really comfortable. Looking forward to the third massage ♡
Published 226 days ago
The master is very enthusiastic and professional, and will strengthen it according to the needs. After the massage, the whole image came back to life, and the feet became very relaxed like feathers. Excellent value for money, high CP value, I will definitely visit again next time I go to Taipei. 👍
Published 152 days ago
Enter 6Q4MFG, now earn 100 yuan, the environment is very quiet and elegant, the decoration is very comfortable and clean, the service attitude of the lady at the counter and the masseur are very good 👍, the massage therapist is also very good, the refreshment after the course is delicious, there is a chance I will want to repurchase again, and I will relieve pressure.
Published 136 days ago
When I made the phone appointment, I didn't mention that I was buying it for my mother. Only when I arrived at the Anhe store, I found out that I would arrange a male master for me. The on-site counter quickly dispatched the master after knowing it, and before long, arranged the female master to help my mother push. After the end, my mother was very satisfied! Goooood!
Published 120 days ago
Arrived half an hour early, and the staff at the counter would arrange a massage immediately. The masseur asked "60 points for full body acupressure + 10 points for foot SPA" can be changed to "70 points for full body acupressure". After thinking about it, I agreed. Choose tea (you can choose from 4 kinds of tea) "Change clothes and provide bags" Provide cloakroom to put bags" Take the elevator to the double box" Very intimate to clip the hair with the big clip "Display timer 70 minutes" Start massage therapist: No. 20 Zhang Junrong & No. 95 Ma Shi, my part is Junrong massage therapist. Before starting the massage, he will ask about the areas that he wants to strengthen. You can adjust the strength in the middle of the massage. The whole process is almost face down. From the shoulders, neck, back, waist, upper limbs, to the head, buttocks, and legs, intersperse stretching exercises halfway through, and finally turn over to face the ceiling, do facial massage, arms, and finish with a back beating. After the experience, the whole body is really comfortable, and the spirit becomes super good! Go to the second floor to take a break to eat biscuits, or you can continue to drink tea. * Summary: The service is very attentive, the masseur is very kind, the massage is very comfortable, the toilet on the 1st floor is a super clean toilet, recommended!
Published 110 days ago
I experienced this activity for the first time yesterday. The overall performance is very good. The whole shop has a Chinese oriental style of calmness, which makes the mood much calmer. After choosing the essential oils of the five elements, the shop manager is also very careful to lead upstairs, the masseur Whether it’s a hot compress or an open back, I’m very dedicated, but there was a small mistake in the middle. Although the head is placed in the hole of the massage table, it may not be fully supported./My head is too small. When I press it deep, my throat After being pressed to the point of coughing, the masseur hurriedly took water to drink it to stop it. I hope everyone will pay more attention to it.

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