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Oslo, Norway’s largest city and its capital, is situated in the scenic southeast inlet of Oslofjord. The city center is compact and incredibly walkable, with an abundance of green spaces and captivating landmarks. Oslo has been a major maritime hub since the Middle Ages and its epic sea-voyaging history is showcased in the numerous Bygdøy Peninsula museums. The best way to spend time in Oslo is by enjoying the city’s eclectic food, art, fashion, and architecture as well as experiencing the lush nature nearby.

Frogner Park

Frogner Park is an early 20th-century public park situated in Oslo's Frogner borough. It’s the largest park in the city and is best known for the Vigeland installation or Vigeland Park, which is a collection of 212 sculptures created by Norwegian master sculptor Gustav Vigeland. Among the highlights include The Fountain, The Monolith, Sitting Man and Woman, and Heap of Dead Bodies, each made from bronze and granite, and each piece representing different stages of human life.
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Viking Ship Museum

Located on the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo, the Viking Ship Museum is most famous for housing Viking-era burial ships and grave goods. The Oseberg, Gokstad, and Tune ships were restored to their former glory after being excavated from various archeological sites. The Museum of Cultural History of the University of Oslo oversees the management of the museum, which operates daily except for Mondays. It is accessible by bus from Oslo Central Station and by water taxi from the port in front of the City Hall.
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Akershus Fortress

Situated on the hilltop across the bay from Aker Brygge, the Akershus Fortress is a medieval castle that has served as a military base, a prison, and a government office since the Middle Ages. It is also home to the Royal Mausoleum, the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum, and Norway's Resistance Museum. It is still an active military facility with the headquarters of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence located on the east wing. Akershus Fortress is 10-15 minutes away by foot from the Oslo City Hall.
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The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace has served as the primary residence of Norway’s monarch since1849 and was built in the Neoclassical architecture style. The palace is located on Karl Johans gate and is bordered by the Palace Park and the Palace Square. It is accessible by train and is just an 11-minute walk from the Oslo City Hall or a 20-minute walk from Oslo Central Station. The Royal Palace is open to the public from late June until mid-August.
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