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Why people love Las Vegas

Published 241 days ago
I highly recommend this trip! Although Antelope Canyon is closed until the end of this year, the Peek-A-Boo Canyon that local supplier MAXTOUR took us to is also beautiful! The tour guide Adam carefully reminded us that there is still driving time for the next itinerary, and there will be a rest stop every one and a half hours (and the rest rest toilets are very clean and many rooms do not need to queue 🤣) breakfast is provided on the car ( Muffins, bananas) There are also many kinds of snacks, drinks, water, all of which are unlimited supply, you will not be hungry at all! After arriving at Peek-A-Boo Canyon, the team leader Laura took us into the canyon. Not only did they drive us through the sandy land with four-wheel drive, but they also found fossils and traces left by the Hopi to show us (usually I would never notice when I went there) After coming back from the canyon, Adam has already prepared the lunch burger~ I arrived at Horseshoe Bay and Bauer Lake in the afternoon. The tour guides were very careful to tell us where fewer people can take better photos, and they will also help take pictures and flip other travelers. Let us refer to the beautiful photos 😂 is really great! The tour guide Adam has been in China for six years and his Chinese is very good. Those who don't speak English can participate with confidence! On the road, if you don’t want to eat what is provided in the car, you can also buy other fast food at the rest stop. The whole journey time is just right, not too rushed or too boring, and the return journey ends just before sunset. The relationship between the epidemic and the tourism industry is not booming now. This Maxtour really makes me feel their intentions. I chat and get along with tourists like friends. I highly recommend it~~~

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