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Seoul Cultural Experience 2021

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Why people love Seoul

Elisa Kennie
Published 393 days ago
Easy to use! Just tell them your name and its done (they have list of people who rent the hanbok from klook)! When i arrived, i just told them my name then i can freely to look and choose the hanbok :) They have plenty variance of hanbok, the themed hanbok are so cute and colorful. They will help you to choose if you confused to match the inner and outer of hanbok and the best color for you! They help you to wear the hanbok. Also, you can request for the hairdo you prefer from the available style. You also can choose the hairpin or hairband and the cutie small bag for your phone, passport, money etc. You can leave your things in the shop. The most important, they printed 2 photos of me on the hanbok, you can choose and share the photo to them. Btw, i came around 9.30/10 in the morning and already 3-5 visitors in the shop. But they wokr so fast so i didnt need to wait lol Thank you for the nice and fast service :)
Published 381 days ago
I traveled to South Korea around the peak tourist season (end of October). I ordered this trip the day before because I wanted to go to Gyeongbokgung temporarily. 1. Suitable for ethnic groups: People who want to wear hanbok to take pictures of people who have been addicted to photos, and the scheduled itinerary is disrupted It can be installed for half a day to a day of this itinerary. It is recommended to go with people to eat ginseng chicken (super! good! eat!) 2. The advantages of the itinerary: (1) it is very convenient to go with the purchase (2) there are more clothes to choose (need to go early (Comparative insurance) (3) The staff will guide to match hanbok (4) English is basically accessible without language barriers 3. Itinerary disadvantages: (1) It is recommended that everyone arrive before 9:00 can choose a favorite and beautiful hanbok (2) Girls Because there are still hair styling options available, you don’t need to wait in line early when you go early... (My friend and I arrived at 09:30, the dressing selection is fast, but wait an hour to make the hair) 4. Itinerary reference: 09 :30 Arrival -> Pick up Hanbok about 30MIN (Azhu Ma is very professional) -> Do hair styling (simple braid + lanyard 5000 won, staff moves quickly but many people so wait longer) -> Departure at 11:00 Gyeongbok Palace photo 5. Personal suggestions: (1) Be sure to choose a photo when the weather is good, the lake view is very beautiful~~~ (2) You can bring a tripod, it is best to take a photo with your friends (3) It is difficult to act in hanbok, so it is recommended not to wear hanbok for dinner. We ran to eat ginseng chicken after we changed our clothes (super super super super delicious, the taste is not the same as Chen Yuhua’s chicken, they are very good to eat)
Published 269 days ago
I’ve always wanted to wear Korean uniforms 🇰🇷 There are shop assistants who can speak Chinese, so don’t worry about language issues~ It is recommended that everyone come early, the size and style will be more complete. There are pantyhose to buy on site~ Backpack uniforms can be rented and there are lockers that can be changed Clothes are very convenient
Published 234 days ago
I think this was the most memorable thing I did in Seoul. Wearing Hanboks and going to Gyeongbokgung Palace made me feel like I was in a drama. This place was amazing while choosing from so many different styles of hanboks. The people that worked there made us feel so comfortable and were so nice. You can even ask for accessories or get your hair braided. We even got a free photoshoot and picture that brought to us so nicely. Really recommend.

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