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Published 352 days ago
I bought five flavors, each of which is delicious. The first time I used Klook online shopping, the delivery and customer service were good. Now it is just inconvenient to go abroad. It is great to buy seaweed produced in Korea online! It is also very convenient to use, I will want to buy it again next time, I hope there will be more different tastes in the future!
Published 285 days ago
The location was relatively easy to find using the directions to the Myeongdong store (although, it may be more difficult for those not living in Seoul). The staff were wonderful, helpful and friendly without being overbearing and were always there to help or give advice. The activity itself was great, my partner and I were able to complete the questionnaire at a relaxed pace, and there was no rush in selecting scents or being rushed through the experience. The perfume at the end is a wonderful keepsake and the final product is truly unique. I would recommend this activity to anybody who is looking to do something a little different, but who wants an intimate and relaxed experience. Fantastic!
Published 148 days ago
I think this was the most memorable thing I did in Seoul. Wearing Hanboks and going to Gyeongbokgung Palace made me feel like I was in a drama. This place was amazing while choosing from so many different styles of hanboks. The people that worked there made us feel so comfortable and were so nice. You can even ask for accessories or get your hair braided. We even got a free photoshoot and picture that brought to us so nicely. Really recommend.
Published 129 days ago
Both of my parents liked Penglisoo so I ordered it. Opening a well-packed box brings up memories of your trip, and I think it's a special product that raises the expectation that you will be able to purchase it locally when the days when your trip becomes free again. There is no need to mention the taste. As soon as I opened the box, I forgot to take a photo, but I put the photo on the product page. I'm serious about snacks, so I'm going to buy other Taiwanese snack products one by one.
Published 86 days ago
I was really very satisfied. I really like massage, so I go here and there, but it's definitely the top of the massages I got in Korea. It's very similar to the massage method I had on a cruise in the past. I forgot to sleep in the middle of yesterday. I asked for my name and then I wanted to ask for it the next time I visited, but I forgot to ask. It's the best satisfaction, but to add a little personal opinion, my nose is a little dry when I get it on my stomach. I don't remember where it was, but there are cases where aroma vapors are put on the bottom of the face to tell them not to dry your nose. Some people don't want to, so it would be nice to choose an aroma scent as an additional option and let them steam. And the aroma applied to the scalp was so good that I wanted to buy it. I want to know your name ♥
Published 40 days ago
It was more than expected. The picture is really pretty. Seoul is a local resident who comes three or four times a year, but it is a country that will still cry, but I thought that I would have to do a tour of the Han River at least once, so I made a reservation 10 days in advance, but looking at the weather forecast, it was raining... I thought it could be canceled due to circumstances. But I'm sorry for saying I'm leaving, and I'm very grateful ㅠㅠ! When I watched the video of wearing a life jacket that I took myself, I wanted to be kind enough to adjust the speed so that I could understand it. The sun was all set, but the night view.. When I was at work, I only thought that the sky would be dark like my future when it was late at night. I took a video and took a picture, but now I see it again, the focus is messed up and shakes hahaha Almost half of the video is a strange phenomenon that only shows the bottom of the yacht hahaha. If you knew this and suggested that you take a video... Oh... foresight. I was amazed by the tension ㅋㅋ We didn't know we would have so much fun in the middle of the rain. We also had a good selection of songs, so we had a lot of fun! I will definitely stop by next time I have something to come to Seoul! Thank you so much ㅋㅋ The yacht was really fun!!♥

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