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Why people love Seoul

Published 299 days ago
The security inside is the most funny, super dedicated, and the soul of the show. In addition, this show is in the same building as the Kung Fu show. It is recommended to buy two tickets at the same time and arrange to watch together on the same day. The closing time is very fast and the schedule is arranged. You can see it
Published 277 days ago
Seoul Sky is one of the exciting activities in Seoul especially for those who love heights. You get to see the entire city from the viewing deck which is well positioned around the 120th floor. And for the adrenaline junkies there is the sky bridge where you walk on a bridge connecting the two hugest point of the tower.
Published 240 days ago
An art performance graffiti that subverts everyone's imagination, using more than 10 art skills to improvise the world's history, music, and drama heroes on stage. A silent drama that uses body language and facial expressions instead of verbal communication, transcending language barriers, can resonate regardless of nationality.
Review for: Discover Seoul Pass
Published 118 days ago
For self-guided tourists who want to travel in the city of Seoul, this transfer card is really super convenient. For loyal fans in a small time, I think the SM TOWN museum alone is worth the fare, and there are also some Such as N Seoul Tower, Coex Aquarium, Hangang River Cruise Eland Cruise, Lotte World, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, and finally AREX tickets. In short, you must buy one when you come to Seoul, you are guaranteed to like it!!
Published 88 days ago
I came to the COEX Aquarium when my children were 8 and 4 (that was 10 years ago), so in my mind, the COEX Aquarium is really geared toward young children. And for that reason, I did not think that my husband would like it, but we went and he loved it! In fact, we both loved the accessibility of the fish/animals (for example, the pools are low enough that you can take a birds-eye-view of them. We also loved the stories behind some of the animals (for example, there is a story about an angler that donated a huge fish to the aquarium years ago and he/she is still there! And, one look at him/her, tells you that he/she is a big eater! The staff were also kind, there are bathrooms everywhere, drinks are sold at various spots and there are lots of places to sit and enjoy the pools. There is even one spot where you are encouraged to lay down and see 'fish floating in the sky' (you have to see it for yourself)!
Published 35 days ago
Long crowds but worth the wait for most rides. To get the most out of your day I recommend going to magic island first and then going indoors. I loved the parade which was very cute and the show is great for kids. I think that on a busy day the magic pass could be worth it to make sure you get a lot of rides done. Food is so so but that isn’t surprising with park food. In TGI Fridays they have a pizza that is shaped to the mascot of the park which is cute for kids.

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