6 Places to Visit in USA This Fall

Lindsey Steele
Lindsey Steele
9 Sep 2020
Fall in Central Park, New York

Photo taken by Josh Couch in Central Park on Unsplash

If you ask us, fall might just have to be one of the best times of year. Of course summer is great, but fall means slightly more bearable temperatures, especially for those out west, Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner and the best thing? The beautiful array of fall colors spreading across the country - oranges, yellows, reds? You betcha! 
With fall almost here, now is the time to start planning a trip to take in some of the most charming displays of autumnal color. With so many fantastic destinations here are just a few places to visit in the USA:
Here are some of our favorite spots…
  1. New York City and beyond
  2. Escape the Fog in San Francisco
  3. Explore Rocky Mountain National Park
  4. Chase the sun in Florida
  5. Fall for Vegas, baby!
  6. A visit to Vermont is a must

New York City and beyond

Person walking through Central Park, New York in the fall
Photo of Central Park taken by Andy Orin on Unsplash
There’s no doubt that you’ll “fall” in love with New York at this incredible time of year. If you stay in the city, Central Park is at its peak during the fall, however the season doesn’t last long in the city, so make an afternoon of it and enjoy all the different colors with a stroll under the falling leaves on Central Park walking tour.
Another great option is to take a drive upstate to places such as Letchworth State Park, home to waterfalls and plunging gorges or perhaps a leisurely hike in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains is more your thing. No matter where you end up, New York in fall certainly won’t disappoint.

Escape the fog in San Francisco

Fog prevails in the summer months in San Francisco, which is cool because there’s nothing more iconic than seeing the Golden Gate Bridge peering out from above the clouds. However, October/November time sees the City by the Bay enjoying lovely warm weather, some would say this is the best time to visit and we’d be inclined to agree. 
Once you’re done exploring the city streets, why not take a drive along the coast? With no fog to contend with the views are sure to be incredible.  Also at this time of year, you may even be lucky enough to spot humpback whales exploring the waters of San Francisco Bay.

Explore Rocky Mountain National Park

Fall foliage at Rocky Mountain National Park
Photo of Rocky Mountain National Park taken by Sonja Wilkinson on Unsplash
Colorado in general is a stunning place to watch the fall colors come to life, but no place is more perfect than Rocky Mountain National Park. With all the craziness going on in the world right now, escaping to the wilderness should be high on your list of things to do this season. 
As the Aspens begin turning from green to yellow to red, head out on one of the many hiking trails and breathe in that fresh, wild air. If hiking is not really your thing, there are a number of awesome drives through the park so you can still get your fall foliage fix. We highly recommend the Trail Ridge Road, it’s so breathtaking you’ll be pulling over every few minutes for that picture-perfect photo.

Chase the sun in Florida

For the sun worshippers amongst us who are not willing to let go of the summer vibes just yet, Florida is a great spot in the fall. With the summer crowds gone, the temperatures are perfect for some fun and exciting water-based activities, such as kayaking and snorkelling in Key West or if you’re looking for something a little more extreme, jump on the back of a jet ski and explore Southernmost Point, Key West Harbor and Submarine Pits. Perfect for a long weekend break before the holiday season kicks off, a trip to Key West is truly a breath of breezy, cool sea air, what’s not to love?!

Fall for Vegas, baby!

Hiker at the Grand Canyon
Photo of the Grand Canyon taken by Diego Lozano on Unsplash
The arrival of fall in Las Vegas, means visitors can expect much cooler temperatures which makes exploring just that little bit more comfortable. With a whole host of events usually taking place throughout October, one of the must-sees in Vegas is the beautiful curated botanical gardens within the Bellagio Conservatory. Each season the team of expert horticulturists put on a stunning display for visitors to enjoy. The fall display this year runs between September 19  – November 28 and is bound to be an impressive sight and a horticultural masterclass in storytelling. Just to give you an idea of how epic this place is, last year the fall theme was ‘Indian Summer’ and the garden was made up of two 14-foot Asian elephants made from 20,000 pink and purple roses; two 25-foot tigers made from yellow lentils, red and black cargo rice and caraway seeds; a 28-foot enchanted talking tree, and much more.
And then there is the grandest of all canyons, the Grand Canyon! A sight to behold even if you’ve been a trillion times before. The views and the epicness of this place never ceases to amaze and a visit during fall means much cooler temperatures, perfect for hitting those hiking trails and fewer people which is awesome. Fall really is a sweet spot at the Grand Canyon.

A visit to Vermont is a must

Vermont in the fall
Photo taken by Richard Ricciardi on Flickr
We’ve saved the best for last, beautiful Vermont! Travelers from across the globe have been visiting Vermont each year to witness the stunning display of fall colors. By far the most sought after route for some serious leaf-peeping action is along Route 100 aka "The Skiers' Highway”, Vermont’s scenic 146-mile byway that hugs the edge of the Green Mountains. The winding country road will leave you in awe as you pass by streams, waterfalls, covered bridges, apple orchards and endless views of breathtaking fall foliage.  So there you have it, just a selection of the best places to visit in the USA this fall. For a wide range of fun activities and experiences across the USA, (K)look here.