Simply Scrumptious: The Best Restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

14 Nov 2019

The Klook Team

Travel Curator

Delicious dinners and where to find them in Malaysia's capital

Planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur? Your taste buds have plenty to be excited about. Thanks to the city's mix of cultures, mouth-watering Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisine is everywhere you turn – from coconut-coated nasi lemak to spicy banana leaf rice.

Find the top restaurants serving the yummiest treats with our essential round-up.

Barbecued Pork Dish in KL

1. Chow down on char siew pork belly at Toast & Roast

Toast & Roast in the Petaling Jaya suburb is top of our list when it comes to the tastiest char siew in KL. It's served ever-so-slightly charred on the outside but has a melt-on-the-tongue texture. Have it layered on top of perfectly cooked hakka noodles accompanied by fried onions and fish flakes. Just looking at pictures of this restaurant's char siew gets us Google Mapping how to get there!

Alternatively, book with Klook to try this barbecued pork dish inside a steamed bun on a fun street food tour.

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Murtabak in Chow Kit Market

2. Salivate over stuffed pancakes at Chow Kit Market

Murtabak is a staple at mamaks (Muslim Indian restaurants) in Malaysia. You can find it all over, but it's worth seeking it out around the lively Chow Kit Wet Market area: the biggest of its kind in the country. Snack on your treat while strolling past the colourful produce, fresh meat and fish.

Find all sorts of other flavours to feast on with a tour of Chow Kit. You'll also visit Little Indonesia, which means two delectable cuisines for the price of one!

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Sweet and Sour Crab

3. Feast on sizzling seafood at Fatty Crab

If seafood is your thing then Fatty Crab Restaurant will get your mouth watering. Located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, this Chinese gem is one KL’s most legendary seafood joints – and for good reason. The sweet and sour crab is a firm favourite among locals while toasted mantou buns are the perfect accompaniment to bowls of delicious gravy.

Fancy snacking on the go? Nibble on freshly cooked seafood during a food experience tour.

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Blue Nasi Kerabu

4. Bring on the blue nasi kerabu at Restoran Patatimo

Restoran Patatimo is the perfect spot to nibble on some nasi kerabu. This place has been a KL go-to since it appeared on Malaysian channel TV3. Its star aqua-toned rice dish, which gets its eye-catching hue from pigeonwing petals, will inject colour into your Insta stories. Served with helpings of hearty dried fish or fried chicken and crunchy crackers, tangy pickles and fresh salad, it's seriously tasty as well as pretty!

To get to Restoran Patatimo on public transport, visit Klook for a super handy KL Travel Pass.

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Penang Curry Mee

5. Save some space for curry mee at Jia Li Mian Noodle House

Pondering a trip to Penang for the most authentic curry mee in Malaysia? Save yourself the journey and head to the Jia Li Mian Noodle House in KL instead. You'll feast on a particularly flavoursome pork broth at this hole-in-the-wall eatery. Infused with fresh mint leaves, juicy prawns, ginger flowers and salty cockles, it's no wonder it's a local favourite. And one of ours too!

Klook tip: if you can't read Chinese characters, it might be tricky to find this restaurant. Locate it by popping the English name into your phone's GPS using a 4G SIM card for Malaysia. Order one on Klook and collect it from KL airport.

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Chargrilled Short Ribs

6. Treat yourself to rusuk panggang at Bijan Bar & Restaurant

For tasty eats among cool kampung-style surrounds, head to Bijan Bar & Restaurant. This high-end restaurant is known especially for its rusuk panggang (chargrilled short ribs) - treat yourself to this succulent meat dish before indulging your sweet tooth with pandan cendol or chocolate durian cake.

It’s an easy half-hour stroll from here to the Petronas Towers, so why not head up to the observation deck while you walk off your meal? Jump the queues with an observation deck admission pass and you might just catch a cheeky sunset.

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Wagyu Gyoza

7. Grab a portion of wagyu dumplings at Nobu

You might not expect Asian and South American flavours to go together, but Nobu Kuala Lumpur proves that they’re a match made in heaven. Among the sushi and cute sashimi tacos, you’ll find treats such as umami chicken wings and octopus tiradito. For something truly memorable, try the wagyu dumplings with spicy ponzu – not your average KL dish!

Nobu is a Michelin-starred gem so why not arrive in style? With a Klook private chauffeur-driven car charter you'll arrive at the restaurant in air-conditioned comfort.

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Bak Kut Teh

8. Fill your boots with bak kut teh at Restaurant Yik See Ho

Some of the most memorable meals are eaten at hawker-style restaurants – and that's definitely the case at Restaurant Yik See Ho. This iconic spot among the butchers' shops near Pudu Market has specialised in bak kut teh (meat bone tea) since 1971. This means the chefs know a thing or two about how many days are needed to cook the fat-trimmed pork ribs in their yum-worthy herby and spicy broth.

A hearty bak kut teh lunch is the perfect follow-up to a Pudu Market morning tour. Your guide will give you tips on the art of haggling too!

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Nasi Lemak

9. Surrender to your senses with nasi lemak at Village Park

Can't get enough of coconuts? Then nibble on the nasi lemak at Village Park. You'll be in good company – one of Malaysia's former prime ministers has eaten here. The creamy rice dish is served with tender fried chicken and spicy sambal at this joint. Enjoy it with a crispy cucur badak on the side: a to-die-for deep-fried dough stuffed with chilli coconut and topped with a prawn.

If that last sentence has you craving fishy dishes, check out the local seafood dinner on a night cruise near KL. The highlight? Watching hundreds of sparkling fireflies lighting up the trees.

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Mutton Chukka

10. Seek spice with mutton chukka at Betel Leaf

The knockout curries of Chettinad Indian cuisine should be your go-to when you're thinking about what to eat in KL. And the curries at Betel Leaf should definitely be on your list. Adventurous meat-eaters can try the mutton chukka, a colourful curry packed full of dried chillies. If you're a herbivore, the vathal kuzhambu will tickle your taste-buds in all the right ways.

For another offbeat foodie experience, why not dine in the dark in KL? You'll eat a mystery four-course meal without any light at all. That is, if you can find your fork – or your mouth!

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