Explore Seoul From Just $21 A Day With The Discover Seoul Pass!

20 Nov 2018

The Klook Team

Visiting Seoul on a budget

Travelling around Seoul has never been easier

Heading to Seoul? We’re about to introduce a boss level hack for travelling Seoul on a budget. If you’re thinking of visiting some of Seoul’s top attractions like the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the COEX Aquarium and even the N Seoul Tower, this is what you’ll need.

What is the Discover Seoul Pass?

Thanks to the Seoul Tourism Organization and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, tourists can now explore Seoul at ease with the Discover Seoul Pass! Offering free admission to over 50 tourist attractions, discounted admission to 35 attractions, and doubling as a T-Money transportation pass, tourists are now able to make the most out of their trip to Seoul with just one pass.

The Discover Seoul Pass is currently offered in three durations - 24 hrs, 48 hrs, and 72 hrs. Each pass is comprised of the same inclusions and just vary in validity and duration, so purchase a pass that best suits your travel plans!

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Pass Inclusions

Every Discover Seoul Pass includes free access to over 35 tourist attractions, discounted admission tickets to 30 more attractions in the city, and a T-Money Transportation card which will allow card holders to hop on the train as often as they would like!

Check out the full list of attractions for more information on the pass.

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Is the Discover Seoul Pass worth it?

Discover Seoul Pass Cost on Klook (USD)
Discover Seoul Pass (24 hours) $31.69
Discover Seoul Pass (48 hours) $44
Discover Seoul Pass (78 hours) $61.60

You might be thinking, is the Discover Seoul Pass really worth it? We’ve listed out a few of the top activities and done the math for you:

Activity Price on Klook (USD)
COEX Aquarium $19.19
Hanboknam $14.55
Running Man Thematic Experience Center Ep.1: Find the Treasure $11
Seoul Zoo & Sky Lift $11.45
SMTOWN MUSEUM Ticket $14.09
Total cost 70.82

You will just need to visit 5 out of the 30 free attractions on your 3 day visit to make your Discover Seoul Pass worthwhile. If this isn’t a steal, we don’t know what is. Do note that you can only enter each attraction only once.

How To Use

  1. When booking your Discover Seoul Pass, you will be asked to select a date and time for the pick up of your pass at the airport. Please make sure the date and time you choose must be a close estimate to your actual arrival at one of the pick up locations.

In the event that your travel plans change, the pass may be redeemed any day in the month you’ve selected (ex. Select Date: October 29; redeemable all throughout any other day on October).

  1. After you book your Discover Seoul Pass through Klook, you will receive a voucher via email and Klook App.

  2. This voucher will need to be presented alongside your passport at the pick up counter at the airport (refer below for Airport Pick Up Locations).

  3. To activate the pass, you may simple present the pass at any of the attractions included in the pass. Do note that you can only visit each attraction once a day. If you are in Seoul with someone, or a group of friends, each person will need to purchase a pass.

If you are unable to activate it, do note that the promos and discounts for the attractions on this card have a 5 year expiration date. However, as the pass also includes a top up T-Money, you may use this as a transit pass indefinitely.

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Airport Pick Up Locations:

1. Incheon International Airport Terminal 1

  • Address: International Taxi information Desk (EAST) (Next to Gate 5)
  • Please check the location photo for reference
  • Opening hours: 24 hours daily

2. Incheon International Airport Terminal 2

  • Address: Incheon International Airport 1st floor (Arrivals), 'World Roaming' booth next to exit 6
  • Please check the location photo for reference
  • Opening hours: 24 hours daily

3. Gimpo International Airport

  • Address: International Taxi information Desk
  • Please check the location photo for reference
  • Opening hours: 10:00am-10:00pm daily

4. Myeongdong Tourist Information Center

  • Please note: for overseas sales and processing pass refunds only
  • Address: 66, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (KEB Hana Bank Main Office First Floor Annex)
  • Please check the location photo for reference
  • Phone No.: +82-2-778-0333 (English/Chinese service)
  • Opening hours: 10:30am-6:30pm, daily [Closed on: Seollal (Lunar New Year's Day), Chuseok Day]

Tips to maximize the use of your Discover Seoul Pass

  • It comes with 1 free ride on the AREX Incheon Airport Express train that you can use before or after the validity of your pass has . For the return journey, simply purchase a 1 way ticket!
  • You can still enjoy discounted entry on these 35 attractions after your pass has experience so be sure to concur all the free attractions during the validity of your pass
  • Don’t forget to reload your Discover Seoul Pass so that you can use it as a T-Money card. This can be done at any convenience store or at the recharge machines.
  • After reloading, apart from transport systems, you can even use your card to purchase items at the convenience stores!
  • You can use the Discover Seoul Pass as as transport card indefinitely so don’t throw it away and keep it for your next visit to Seoul


Apart from the many attractions you’ll get discounts and free entrances to with this pass, it can also be used as a transit card! Since it is not pre-loaded, however, you will need to top it up at any convenience store or subway station before using. Once you’re loaded the T-Money pass, you may now use it on any subway, bus, or taxi for convenient transportation.

In the event that you do not use up the money on the card before you leave Seoul, you may have this refunded. Anything below KRW30,000 may be refunded at any convenience store or service desks at any subway station (with KRW500 service charge). Anything above this amount must be collected at any subway station with a customer service center.

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Top attractions covered by the Discover Seoul Pass

1. COEX Aquarium

The COEX Aquarium is one of Seoul’s largest aquariums with over 650 different species of marine life. From sinister sharks, piranhas, octopus and even electric eels, you’ll be given a whole new outlook on the underwater world. There are also petting pools where you can touch starfish!

Klooktip: Be sure to time your visit for the mermaid shows and feeding times!

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2. N-Seoul Tower

The N-Seoul Tower also known as the Namsan Tower is the must visit attraction if you like clear unobstructed views of the city. Standing tall on a hilltop, ascend up 500 metres and you’ll be welcomed by the vastness of the Seoul cityscape in front of you.

Visiting in the day and at night present an absolutely different experience. At night, you’ll be enticed by the sparkling city lights, whereas in the day, you might even spot the hills beyond the city.

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3. Running Man Thematic Experience Center

If you have binge watched Running Man to till the wee hours of the morning because it was just so funny you couldn’t stop, we feel you. If you’ve wondered what it was like to be a part of the games, here is your chance!

The Running Man Thematic Experience Center recreates the experience of the hit variety show with their experience zones featuring the formats of some of the most popular episodes of all time. Find as many R coins as you can and you’ll be duly rewarded!

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4. SMTOWN Museum

Calling all K-Pop fans, get ready to live out your K-Pop dreams at the SMTOWN Museum. This interactive experience allows you to witness the stars behind the scenes and meet the artists face to face, via augmented reality of course. You’ll get to learn how the music is produced and experience live broadcasts hosted by SM artists.

Finally, head to the recording studios where the magic happens before draining your wallets purchasing exclusive souvenirs!

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5. Museum Kimchikan

On the table of every Korean meal, you’ll definitely see the essential Kimchi side dish. This is the base ingredient of many of the Korean stews and soups and this staple is loved all over the world. Head over to the Museum Kimchikan where you’ll find out the story behind this much loved dish. There are tons of different types of kimchis and of course, you’ll get to sample some of these types.

You can even opt to make your very own kimchi to take home!

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6. Hanboknam

Another essential thing to check off your Korea checklist is definitely putting on a hanbok. These beautiful traditional Korean clothing from Hanboknam will level up any photo and you’ll definitely feel like a mini celebrity walking along the streets of Seoul. These hanboks are so beautiful that people along the streets just might stop you for a photo!

KlookTip: You can visit the palaces for free as long as you don a hanbok so be sure to rent yours on a day when you are planning to visit the palaces.

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Discounted attraction tickets with your Discover Seoul Pass

7. Lotte World

Lotte World is one of Seoul’s largest theme parks and has both an indoor and outdoor section. For thrill seekers, there are rides like the Gyro Drop and the Gyro Swing which just might cause you to pee your pants. There are also rides like the hot air balloon for the faint hearted.

Check out our Lotte World guide to find out more about a day in the park.

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8. Poo Poo Land

Poo Poo Land is probably one of the most bizzare attractions in Seoul. This poo themed playground is home to many interactive exhibits for you to learn about your poo and the anatomy that produces it! There are also plenty of unique photo ops, i mean where else could you have your head in a toilet bowl!

For the parents racking your brains of ways to keep the kids busy, this place will keep the little ones entertained for hours.

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9. E.LAND Hangang River Cruise

Set sail on a Hangang River Cruise and discover Seoul from a new point of view. You’ll glide past sights like the N Seoul Tower, the 63 building, Banpodaegyo Bridge and even the Jamsil Olympic Stadium!

As you set sail, you’ll be treated like a V.I.P with a live band serenading your journey. You can even choose to purchase some seagull feed to feed them as you sail around.

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10. Nanta Show

The Nanta show is Korea’s longest running theatre comedic culinary show! Blending together the best of acrobatics, martial arts, music and culinary skills, the performers will keep you thoroughly entertained and glued to your seats from start to end.

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