Hokkaido Rail Pass (5 or 7 Days)

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  • Explore Hokkaido's major cities with a single rail pass that offers unlimited travel within this designated area
  • Hop on easy rides aboard local trains, buses, or the JR Hokkaido Limited Express/Express line
  • Pick from various kinds, such as a consecutive 5 or 7-day JR Hokkaido Pass!
  • Get your Exchange Order voucher and redeem your Hokkaido rail pass!

What to expect

Simply make your booking online and enjoy Hokkaido Rail Pass! Choose between a rail pass for 5 or 7 consecutive days. Redeem your voucher for a rail pass when you're in Japan, and be ready to explore Hokkaido to the fullest! Travel during winter and visit the Sapporo Snow Festival held every year in February. While you're there, indulge in some delicious crabs and ramen for which the area is well-known. With a single pass that takes you all around Hokkaido, this is definitely the easiest and fastest way to explore the region!

jr pass infographic
jr pass infographic
jr pass infographic
Explore Hokkaido for 7 days with a JR Pass

Things To Note


  • Get instant confirmation. If you do not receive a booking confirmation, please notify us
  • After the reservation is successfully made, you will receive a reservation confirmed mail with a voucher, including a QR code. Please show the voucher and your passport at the exchange counters to redeem a Hokkaido Rail Pass

Booking Guidelines

  • The name, country of residence, and passport numbers entered when booking must be an exact match to the passports used when boarding
  • When booking the ticket, please be sure to enter the same English Roman Pinyin as your passport in the name field

Pass Eligibility

  • This offer is not available for Japanese passport holders
  • When three or more babies accompany one adult or child, child tickets are required for the third and any additional babies.
  • When a baby or infant occupies his or her own reserved seat, Green Car seat, berth, etc., tickets are required.
  • Valid only for non-Japanese passport holders with a "Temporary Visitor" Visa stamp on the passport. Non-Japanese passport holders with a permanent residence in Japan cannot use this product
  • Secure a Temporary Visitor Stamp at immigration to be eligible for a JR Pass. Do not pass through the automated gates, as no stamp will be applied
  • The rail pass is available only for foreign visitors who enter Japan with a non-Japanese passport under the entry status of "Temporary Visitor"
  • When you exchange or purchase a rail pass at the designated station in Japan, you need to show your passport with a "Temporary Visitor" stamp/sticker (or the "registered user card" of the Trusted Traveler Program that the "Temporary Visitor" is printed)
  • According to the Japanese Immigration Law, you are allowed to stay in Japan for 15 days or 90 days under the entry status of "Temporary Visitor" for sightseeing, etc. If you apply for a stay for sightseeing, etc., when entering Japan, an immigration officer will put a "Temporary Visitor" stamp/sticker on your passport. Only visitors with this stamp/sticker (or visitors who have the "Temporary Visitor" printed on a "registered user card" of the Trusted Traveler Program) can use the rail pass
  • You cannot purchase a rail pass if you enter Japan under the entry status other than "Temporary Visitor" such as "Training," "Entertainer," or "Re-entry," etc
  • The entry status of "Temporary Visitor" includes sightseeing, recreation, sports, visiting relatives, inspection tours, attending lectures or meetings, business liaison, or other similar activities
  • If you use an automated gate, the "Temporary Visitor" stamp/sticker will not be put on your passport. Please use a manned automated gate or ask an immigration officer how you can get the stamp or the sticker

Insider Tips:


  • HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS holders may ride all JR Hokkaido trains (excluding Hokkaido Shinkansen) within the valid period
  • If you have a HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS, you can ride all JR Hokkaido trains (excluding Hokkaido Shinkansen)and some designated JR buses within Hokkaido. This allows you to ride buses and trains without buying tickets each time, and you don't have to worry about language barriers
  • Reserved and non-reserved seats in the ordinary car of limited express trains on JR Hokkaido Lin
  • Reserved and non-reserved seats of special rapid and rapid trains on JR Hokkaido Line
  • Local trains on JR Hokkaido Line
  • Reserved and non-reserved seats of temporary trains (limited express/rapid/local) on JR Hokkaido Line
  • HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS can be used on all JR Hokkaido train lines except the Hokkaido Shinkansen. HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS cannot be used on lines of other companies such as South Hokkaido Railway, Sapporo Municipal Subway, etc
  • HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS holders cannot ride the Hokkaido Shinkansen Hayabusa and Hayate trains. If you wish to ride the Hokkaido Shinkansen, you must purchase a separate Basic fare ticket, a Limited express ticket, etc
  • HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS holders cannot take the "South Hokkaido Railway." A separate ticket will be required when taking the train
  • HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS holders cannot take the reserved seats on SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train. A separate ticket will be required when taking the train


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