JR Hokuriku Arch Pass (7 Days)

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Please book at least 14 days before you intend to receive your parcel of the physical pass

  • Easily travel and explore major cities like Tokyo, Hokuriku, and Osaka with a 7 Day JR Hokuriku Arch Pass
  • Gain 7 days of unlimited transport and ride on all the Hokuriku Shinkansen, Express Trains, Rapid Services, and local trains!
  • Receive your Exchange Order voucher and simply exchange it for your Rail Pass in Japan and you’re good to go

What to expect

Simply make your booking online and enjoy delivery of your rail pass voucher straight to your door. Redeem your voucher for a JR Hokuriku Arch Pass while in Japan and be ready to explore the cities between Osaka, Hokuriku, and Tokyo. For 7 days, you can travel from Osaka, home to Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara to Hokuriku where you can stop by Fukui, Kanazawa, and Toyama, all the way to Narita and Haneda airports in Tokyo. Along the way, discover Japan like never before by visiting the exciting Dinosaur Museum, serene Kenrokuen Garden, and ride along the magnificent Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route for some of the best views in the country. With just a single pass that works for Hokuriku Shinkansen and all Express and local trains in the area, this is definitely the easiest and fastest way to explore Osaka, Tokyo, and everything in between!

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JR Hokuriku Arch Pass
Explore the Tokyo, Hokuriku and Osaka area for 7 days with a JR Hokuriku Arch Pass
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Things To Note


  • Get instant confirmation. If you do not receive a booking confirmation, please notify us
  • Confirmation email and Klook voucher cannot be used to redeem the actual JR Pass in Japan. Only the Exchange Order can be used for redemption

Booking Guidelines

  • The name, country of residence, and passport numbers entered when booking must be an exact match to the passports used when boarding

Pass Eligibility

  • This offer is not available for Japanese passport holders
  • Children aged 1-5 must be accompanied by a paying adult
  • Children aged 1-5 can travel free of charge provided they will not occupy separate seats
  • A paying adult can only bring 2 children. A child ticket will be required for each additional child
  • 2 children (aged 1-5) may travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult rail pass holder given that they do not occupy a seat, but a third child will require a child rail pass
  • Children aged 12 months old and below can travel free of charge
  • Valid only for non-Japanese passport holders with a "Temporary Visitor" Visa stamp on the passport. Non-Japanese passport holders with a permanent residence in Japan cannot use this product
  • Secure a Temporary Visitor Stamp at immigration to be eligible for a JR Pass. Do not pass through the automated gates, as no stamp will be applied
  • Japanese passport holders who have been residing outside of Japan for 10+ years are eligible to use a JR pass if they have 1) a valid Japanese passport and 2) a Copy of Overseas Residential Registration/Certificate of Overseas Residence from the Japanese embassy or legation of Japan in your foreign country of residence
  • Visit the official website for more information about JR Pass eligibility
  • Upon entering Japan, please go through manned automated gates or ask a clerk to apply the Temporary Visitor stamp on your passport to redeem the JR Pass. If you go through an automated gate, no stamp will be applied on your passport

Additional Information

  • Check the Hokuriku Arch Pass website for more details about the service area
  • Deliveries are not available during weekends and holidays

Insider Tips:

  • If you want to visit the Tohoku Area, you can choose the JR East Pass


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