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Chengdu Foodie Evening Tour

5.0 2 reviews | 100+ Booked
No trip to Chengdu is complete without trying out the local food. Book through Klook and go on an evening tour for foodies exploring this incredible city! Through this almost 4-hour adventure, you’ll discover a wide variety of Sichuan delicacies. Your tour guide will take you to numerous alleyways and bustling streets to introduce you to the best restaurants and food stalls in the area that you can visit after the tour is over. You’ll sample twelve to fourteen kinds of special delicacies such as Sichuan noodles, dumplings, and even Mapo Tofu. As you munch on scrumptious delights, your guide will share some trivia about each of them, like how they’re prepared and why they’re significant to the province. Not only will you have a satiated belly after this tour, you’ll also know where to go in the city if ever you and your companions are looking to feast on Sichuan meals and street food.
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If you happen to be visiting Chengdu during your trip to China and if you love panda bears as well as have a fascination for Buddhism, then you’re in luck! Book through Klook and go on a tour to visit Chengdu’s Giant Panda Base and visit the city of Leshan to see its famous Giant Buddha! You’ll begin your tour by visiting the panda wonderland. There, you can marvel at all the majestic and adorable panda bears calling it home. As you move along, you’ll surely spot a variety of these herbivorous creatures, such as the common black and white pandas, red pandas, and even baby pandas in the base’s nursery area. You’ll also learn about why the base was established and learn about the significance of these bears to the country. After that, you’ll head for Leshan, the City of Gastronomy. There, you’ll have the chance to try out a wide variety of Sichuan dishes, so make sure to bring a lot of cash so you can have a hearty feast on scrumptious plates or munch on street food. This city is not just famous for its food. It’s also the home of the famous Leshan Giant Buddha, a looming 71-foot tall statue that sits in between two cliff faces. Your fun and engaging tour guide will tell you tales about Chinese Buddhist culture and trivia regarding the creation and carving of the gargantuan idol. This tour is definitely a must for any person touring around Chengdu.
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What people are saying about Food Tours in Chengdu

Carolina Published 63 days ago
We were not familiar with Chengdu foods. All we knew.was that the food would be very spicy. To our surprised many of the snacks did jave a kick but it brought out the essence of the flavors. Our guide, Lucy, listened to our concerns and made us feel at ease in trying local snacks. They were all delicious! Loved the fact that these were local eateries with a passion of serving great meals. We also enjoyed the tuk tuk ride to get to the four restaurants which proved to be a faster mode of transportation. Hearing about the local city history made this a great learning experience. This is foodie city that will not disappoint!
Howard Published 862 days ago
Our tour leader, Kay, was fantastic. Knowledgeable, great recommendations, and excellent English. He was flexible to our plans and accommodating to what we wanted to do. Tour picked us up on time, driving was smooth and car was comfortable. Tour was great if you want to see the main sights of Chengdu in one day (reduces two day trips into one day in an easy experience). Would highly recommend.
Benedikta Anindya Published 994 days ago
I was so blessed to visit Chengdu and to get an amazing tour guide, Kiki from U2panda. The pandas was so cute. Unfortunately the Buddha is under construction so we could only see Buddha's legs. But I'm glad to be one of the witnesses. Before the day, Kiki reminded me to bring umbrella/rain coat to keep warm. At the day, she treated very well my parents who already seniors. Afterwards, since we dropped by somewhere else. She called me at night to ensure we arrived safely in our apartment. Glad to have a toughtful, cheerful, very patience, and caress tour guide. Thanks for the fantastic trip, it'll be unforgottable moment for us.
Carolina Published 63 days ago
This one.activity that my best friend had been lookong forward to. First we headed out early in the morning to the Panda park. Thankfully, we did because there were more crowds arriving after we left. Lucy, Ms. Wonder Woman, was great in providing advice so we can enjoy the panda excursion more. Luckily for.us there was a heavy morning rain fall, the teenage giant panda came out to play! We were to watch them enjoy themselves climbing on trees, walking around and eating to their hearts' content. We were completely drenched but enjoyed every minute of it. Afterwards, webheaded out to see the biggest sitting Buddha on a mountain side. We escorted by a professional driver. An hour before our arrival the port had closed but headed forward to have lunch at a local restaurant. The delicious meal was duck in sesame sauce, bamboo shoots, tea, rice, egg and tomatoe soup. Yum! Our guide went to check in person if the port.had reopened. It was so we got to check out the Buddha in all its splendor as the bright sun shone.
Bich Hanh Published 870 days ago
The tour was awesome! The tour guide was very fluent in English, she was very friendly and attentive, give a lot of useful information. The driver was fun and polite. We had a great time the whole day. In the morning we went to panda base, it’s our first time seeing panda in such a close distance. The panda are very cute lying lazily munching on the bamboo, we even saw panda climbing the tree. In the afternoon we had a 2 and a half hour ride to Leshan to have lunch and take a boat to see the giant Buddha statue. It was magnificent.

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