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Meihua Lake Tour

4.8 8 reviews | 700+ Booked
Spend a leisurely afternoon visiting Meihua Lake to enjoy the scenic natural landscape. You will be greeted with lush greenery and fresh air where you can spend time walking, cycling and cruising on the lake. Another highlight is Sanqing Temple - located on the southern slopes of Meihua Lake, the architecture of the temple resembles traditional imperial court designs and is well worth a look. Complete your afternoon with a delectable tea break at Salex cafe as you gaze over those beautiful lake views.
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The National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) in Yilan, Taiwan is a haven for all lovers of arts, culture and literature, and a must see whenever you're in the city. The NCFTA has three different buildings for you to visit: the Wenchang Temple, Scholar Huang's Residence, and the Guanghsiao Shrine. Each building is a cultural attraction, and a representation of the love for arts, culture and literature in Yilan. The Wenchang Temple is a sanctuary for artists, as it is home to 5 Wenchang gods, who are believed to be the guardian angels of scholars and writers. The hall also hosts gods for traditional drama and craftsmanship, and they help pass down the legacy of traditional arts in Yilan. Aside from visiting those three buildings, there is much to do at NCFTA. At the Folk Art Boulevard, you can stop by any of the shops that display exquisite handicrafts presenting the traditional lifestyle in Yilan. You can watch performances on the plaza stage, walk along the Education Boulevard and ride a boat at the Waterfront Boulevard. Visit the Guanghsiao Shrine to learn about Yilan's family values, or go to the Scholar Huang's Residence to experience newborn rituals and folk culture first hand. You can even attend DIY classes and create a unique souvenir to take home, or try out the ceremonial cart ride that locals believe wards off illnesses and evil.
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What people are saying about Temples in Yilan

chung cheng Published 156 days ago
Go to Taiping Mountain National Forest Recreation Area on holidays. It is very convenient to buy and use electronic tickets on klook on the day of departure. On holidays (200 yuan on site), you can save parking fees (100 yuan) by calculating the daily price (150 yuan). Roll the barcode to ticket salesperson B, and those with student ID cards can buy student tickets for 100 yuan on the spot. The staff is very skilled and friendly, a great experience and great value, recommended! On the other hand, the weather on the mountain changes a lot. Drive carefully and there are many tourists getting on and off at the crossing of cyclists and Jianqing Trail. Take a trampoline to go up the mountain early and buy tickets first (play back and forth for about 2 hours), leave time to see Qing (play back and forth about 1~1.5 Hours), see the small parking lot at the entrance of Qingqing Trail (about 5~7 people for small cars) and the tour bus is easy to park, and it is necessary to park about 2 kilometers (the sign says 1 kilometers!?) The large parking lot has toilets that have been cleaned and cleaned ( (Stock palm)), old women and children can first go under the trail entrance, drive to the parking lot and walk back to the trail entrance. Seeing the Qing trail, there are many trees, mountains, and many people are beautiful!
Irene Published 570 days ago
The centre is easily accessible by GR21 shuttle bus from Luodong bus station on hourly basis. Many activities available including indoor and outdoor performances, Dongshan river boat ride, fog forest, 文昌 temple, tasting local craft beer and etc. Kids friendly place and not too crowded on weekdays. Can easily spend more than half a day enjoying this place in a quiet township of Wujie.
Cheryl Published 627 days ago
Love the fact it’s an instant confirmation upon purchase of the entrance ticket from Klook. We did not get any ticket for DIY experiences because of time constraint. You could literally spent more than half a day there. However, we were there for mere 1 1/2 hours. It’s enough to cover the site but not enough to cover in detail. A place rich in portraying Chinese culture. Managed to catch a 20-30mins stage performance in front of the temple. It would be more meaningful if we are there during the Lunar New Year period. Saw some local staffs putting up lanterns on the streets for the upcoming festival. Managed to get some local delicacies on site as well. A good place for family to visit.
Maria Luzette Published 759 days ago
Going there on your own was a bit challenging. Make sure to check out possible routes so you have a better idea on how to get there. We had a peek of a cultural show and enjoyed the parade. They have DIY art and crafts activities in different stores, however they were difficult to locate since they were not indicated in the map. Nonetheless, my daughter enjoyed the keychain and bracelet making...and oh, yes, there were a lot of photo spots.
Pei Wen Published 768 days ago
While time was really rush, we took a taxi (it was hard to get one) down from Jiaoxi Station and it costed us about 40sgd! Crazily expensive for a 30minutes-ish ride! We arrived around 5pm without knowing that entry ticket at night are different from what's purchased on KLook. The counter staff highlighted that night entry tickets are different without much explanation. So my first reaction was to check if I could still get in since it wasnt stated on KLook about the different in pricing, thinking that I will have to pay extra for the night events. She told me monotonously that she will cancel my KLook tickets if I dont want it. My immediate reaction was "why do I have to cancel my tour to the NCFTA when I spent so much travelling here?" The counter staff then proceeded to print the tickets before I get to notice that night tickets are only sold at 100 NTD, which was cheaper than what was purchased from KLook... The staff wasnt expressive and doesnt explain clearly that KLook tickets can be refunded. So I paid a few dollars more for not asking in further details. Nonetheless, I love the experience, the nostalgic feeling at the NCFTA!
YaChi Published 820 days ago
The purchase of the tickets for the Art Center and the 150 yuan experience volume tickets need to be converted into physical tickets at the ticket office. However, when you go to the art center on Sunday, you don’t see a special window for online booking or other electronic tickets, so you must buy it with the site. The people of the ticket lined up together, because the team was not long, so they could still accept it, but they did not open other windows during the holiday hours. I feel that this can improve the price of the app in the experience roll only 150, but see in the park. 300 and 500 experience coupons, the experience in the park also has many different options depending on the price, such as we choose the sugar experience, the cash payment is 80 yuan, the experience coupon can be used by 150 for two people. Cost-effective, I hope I can have more fare choices in the future. Other stores do not have experience coupons, but the ticket office does not specify the ticket when they redeem the ticket. The coupon does not specify the store used. This can improve.

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