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The culture and history of Kolkata is a long and vibrant one, reflecting the diversity of the city's religious sects. Your guide will meet you at the Howrah Tram depot, and here your walking tour to thee city's important locations and landmarks will begin. The River Ganga is your first destination, for reasons that may well be already evident: the Ganga is one of India's (and the world's) famous rivers, a waterway that has long roots throughout history that affects the entire world. In the trans-boundary of Asia, this river has played a huge role in international affairs and exploration during the ancient world. This is followed by a boat ride that takes you up to the Howrah Bridge, a suspension bridge over the sacred Hooghly River. It is one of the city's most famous symbols, linking the cities of Howrah and Kolkata together. The next stop, the local Raj Bhavan, is the official residence of the West Bengal Governor. This splendid western style structure has all the air of the White House in America and is considered far more than just a heritage building. It is a landmark of history, calling back to the past. In a similar vein, the Calcutta High Court, your next destination, is the oldest of the high courts in India. It is also very reminiscent of another western building, which is the Ypres in Belgium. The tour is rounded off by a look into local culture, and nowhere else is this more evident than a visit to the local markets. Lines upon lines of merchants with glittering wares in all directions, displaying the vibrant cultural diversity of the city. You can indulge in some shopping here, purchasing at your own expense some souvenirs or gifts to bring home, watching locals sell, haggle, and purchase items, before your tour concludes at the St. John Church.
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Kolkata is the land of the Goddess Kali, and this journey through a region of temples and spirituality will open your eyes to the sanctity of the local worship and prayer rituals of the culture. Your day tour will take you to a large blend of sacred places located throughout the city, as an English speaking guide tells you of their history and shows you the majesty of the architecture. It begins with a visit to the Kalighat, a famous temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. Kalighat is located on the old area of the Hooghly River and is considered sacred to the goddess. So much that the city's name is said to be derived from it. Following this, you head to the Jain Temples. As you explore the complex of four temples, you'll see a sacred lamp that has burned inside the sanctum sanctorum continuously since the initiation of the temple since 1867. The most revered Dakshineswar Temple, one of the most sacred of the region's temples in Kolkata, is the next stop, and you'll learn of its history of being where Rama Krishna Paramhamsa attained his spiritual vision. The tour rounds out with a crossing over the Hooghly River, one of the most sacred to the Hindus, down which holy water flows. Should you opt for it at your own expense, you can enjoy some authentic local food for lunch before getting dropped off back at the hotel to end your tour.
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