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Nha Trang Bay is named one of the most marvelous destinations to admire the sunset with its endless horizon and the unique emerald sea color. If you have a chance to witness the natural beauty of the sunset here, the picturesque scenery will forever linger in your mind. Sea Coral is proud to be one of the first luxury cruises on Nha Trang Bay, offering you such meaningful memories, spicing up your taste buds with a romantic dinner in a luxurious space, a variety of cocktails, drinks, or mingling with melodious classical live music and relax when watching the moment the sun goes down into the sea.
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What people are saying about Dinner Cruises in Nha Trang

QUAN Published 121 days ago
This is the best experience while in Nha Trang. Mostly KH Viet Delicious food, at first I was afraid of eating and was still hungry, so I asked if there was a private menu? But eating the food in the set is very small, but the design is quite nice. Initially planned to go to Sealife but out of space because Sealife guests accommodate up to 160 people. And in the Emperor there are about 30-50 ng only
Hyemin Published 143 days ago
Alone. This price can only be applied by those with a residence card. Passport and residence card verification at the port. You came earlier than the pick up time. Pickup staff friendly and English speaking. The boat looks only ㅂㅕㄹ rojus, but it has a luxurious interior. Goes alone and sits at a table with Vietnamese tourists. Welcome drink tastes good. It is said that you can get on top of the ship if you have a little while sailing. If you go up and take a picture, you can order a drink. If you have more, prepare finger food. There are sandwiches, bacon enoki mushroom rolls, fried kimbap, and fruit skewers. It tastes better than the main dish ㅋㅋ I go down to eat while playing on top. All drinks are free. There is a drink menu. Order cocktails several times and eat. On that day, there were a lot of Vietnamese tourists, so the appetizers came out in Vietnamese style. Originally, I heard that pumpkin soup comes out. I ordered lobster and ate it, but it wasn't as good as expected, but it was delicious. I don't need everything, and the best thing is the staff. I feel the reason why the staff praised it in the review. They are really kind bosses.... Especially, even though I have a Russian older sister, I can see pretty things even if I wear a mask.. Even if I keep making eye contact and interpret, I check if food is okay, and since I don't drink drinks, I suggest that I order something else. Sincerely an angel.. Other staff were friendly too! Take a picture too! There was also a staff who could speak a little Korean, so it was comfortable!! I will also do a day tour!!!
Peter Published 1048 days ago
Well organised. Contact was made a day before the booked trip to confirm your details and your meal preference. Pick up arrived on time. The Russian manager who managed the proceedings on board was very organised. Suggest you avoid the fish and lobster as they are quite small portions. The beef is quite alright with 2 “medallion sized” portions. But then, there is already quite a bit of food before the mains. Do avoid the rainy season though, as you are likely not to have sunset views.