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Nha Trang City Half Day Private Tour

4.4 35 reviews | 500+ Booked
Nha Trang's picture perfect islands are undeniably beautiful, but in this tour, you'll see an equally gorgeous yet completely different side of the coastal city. Immerse yourself in the city's fascinating past when you book this private tour! For your first stop, head to The Institute of Oceanography. Established in 1923, the institute was one of the first centers for scientific research in Indochina. Learn about the recent studies on the coastal waters of the East Sea, the prevalence of marine pollution, and its possible solutions as you follow the tour. Take a walk further into the institute's premises and discover the Marine Creature Museum, where 80,000 sea and freshwater specimens reside. After an educational trip, move on to Long Son Pagoda. This Taoist temple's architecture and design displays the mythical animals and gods of Taoism. Doubling as a school for monks and monstery, you'll see monks as you carry on with the tour. Take a trip down to Nha Trang's memory lane with a stop at Po Nagar Cham Towers, a place of worship as early as 2nd century AD. Get a closer look at the slabs and see inscriptions of the history, religion, and social structure of the once powerful Champa kingdom. For your last stop, visit the Nha Trang Stone Church for a glimpse of French influence. Built to promote Catholicism back in the day, the cathedral's French gothic architecture and interiors are a reminder of its past as a French colony. End the tour with a ride back to your hotel
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Explore the hidden gem that is Nha Phu Bay in this exciting day tour! Just north of Nha Trang, this gorgeous bay town attracts nature lovers from all over the world. Discover both natural and manmade tourist spots all in one day. Start off your tour with a swim at Thi islet, a gorgeous mix of white sand and clear blue waters. After a refreshing dip, watch an entertaining animal circus show by the beach. Next, head to the ancient Tan Long Temple and feel spiritually cleansed as you offer your prayers to Buddha. Once done, your tour will continue on to Orchid Island, where the so-called 'Orchid Caves' reside. These magnificent caves may look plain on the outside, but head further inside and you'll see the most amazing rock formations in all of Vietnam. The island also houses impressive streams and gardens – a true tropical paradise. An Binh Beach is just a stone's throw away, and after sightseeing at Orchid Island, you'll sail there next. Like Thi islet, An Binh Beach is also an idyllic place perfect with white sands and blue waters, but its tranquil atmosphere is much more relaxing. Enjoy a quiet sun bathing session or do exciting water activities. For your last stop, your tour will take you to an entertaining animal show and an art viewing at Monkey Island. The animal show features exotic animals performing mind-blowing acts - elephants standing on two feet, bears cycling, and monkeys dancing. This spectacle is a sight to behold, and you'll be thoroughly impressed by the animals' talents once the show ends. End the tour with an art viewing of famous art works such as Garden of Mermaid, Thien Long Garden and Journey to the West – works that reflect Vietnamese culture in color. Book now for an amazing holiday!
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