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Hsiukuluan River Rafting

4.6 1,048 reviews | 10K+ Booked
US$ 26.99
US$ 16.19
Book now for 11 Aug 2021

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Hualien Liyu Lake

4.9 35 reviews | 600+ Booked
Navigate the calm waters of Hualien Liyu Lake through the hottest water sport in town as you test your body’s balance and core in this 3-hour experience! Get all the necessary equipment from your coaches and learn all the tricks and tips you need in paddle boarding from the SUP experts. Paddle leisurely and enjoy the scenic views of the East Rift Valley and various natural wonders surrounding the lake, or, you can always challenge your friends and family to a race if you want to pick up the pace! Your professional guides will be with you every paddle of the way to ensure everyone’s safety and of course, enjoyment! Stand up and paddle your way to an exciting day ahead!
US$ 57.55
Book now for 8 Aug 2021
US$ 60.49
US$ 54.45
Book now for 10 Aug 2021

What people are saying about Water Sports in Hualien

TSUNG CHE Published 88 days ago
At 7 o'clock in the morning at Hualien Railway Station, take the shuttle bus to the Rafting Visitor Center, and check in at 9 o'clock. Start dressing at 9:30, check in and board the ship and set off. There are many people on each stairway, even hundreds of people. Each boat takes 6-9 people. The ratio of the number of lifeguards is approximately 25:1. You will get wet all the time, so be sure to wear waterproof clothes. The whole journey takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the amount of water. Sometimes there will be a break during the journey. There is a free lunch. Upon arrival, there is a bathroom with free shower gel and hot water. The hair dryer is at your own expense. Take the shuttle bus back to Hualien Railway Station at 2:30. The itinerary we purchased includes pick-up and drop-off, so the luggage can be placed on the same tour bus. We arrived at Hualien Railway Station at four o'clock in the afternoon. This company places a relatively high emphasis on safety. Safety equipment must be worn in accordance with regulations. Our 9-year-old children can also participate. Rafting is full of challenges and very interesting and fun, especially suitable for young people. The scenery along the way is very beautiful, but everyone is in a hurry to deal with... If there is a chance, we will come again.
wendy Published 580 days ago
We went with 2 young kids aged 7 and 9, and everyone had a good time. We went in December so the river was mild and it was suitable for young children. I think it would be more exciting in summer. We bought water shoes from them (200yuan). Do wear long sleeves and long pants to prevent sunburns and scrapes should you fall into the water. We drove from Hualien city central and it took us 1 hr 15 mins. You could pay for transport back to the starting point where your car is parked. It's 150yuan per person. They only spoke Mandarin, but I think it's pretty straighforward even for a non-Chinese speaker to understand. Highly recommended!
Tiffany Published 1166 days ago
This was a great activity to do in Hualien. It was a smooth booking through Klook as the rafting company contacted me through WhatsApp and email the day before the activity. The rafting company is not an English speaking company. But the staff are friendly to foreigners. Luckily I found a group of guys to help translate and also a great group to raft with! The rafting is structured as a huge group that departs at the same time. Each raft can hold up to 8-10 people. You just join a group to make your raft 8. There is A LOT of splashing and water fights between rafts. It’s so hot and humid that you’d want to get wet. The river is very long (also to mention that there is very low water in May). I did the 11:00 tour. Was picked up at 9:00, then it took an hour and a half ride to the river rafting starting point. We ate our provided lunch from the rafting company, rented water shoes, got our life vests and cute/funny hats, watched an orientation video, got some more raft instructions, and finally got into the river around 12:30. To make the raft experience faster, there are motorized boats to push/pull yours and others thru the river, which is super fun. We didn’t finish the river til 3:45pm. Then we took a quick shower/rinse then headed back onto the bus to Hualien. It was a great day! Would recommend if you’d like to have some fun in the water.
MACLYN B Published 1808 days ago
This was a fantastic experience and an outstanding way to beat the heat. We came from Hualien and our transportation service was prompt. The box lunch was served around 11:30, and then some instructions were made in Mandarin. After each rafter received their jacket and helmet, a video session was presented. The actual rafting adventure took three hours and included a few exciting rapids and plenty of rock obstacles. The professionals were on top of their game in ensuring each raft avoided major problems, and splash wars were rampant throughout. The event was not English friendly, but we happened to have an English-speaking Taiwanese family on our raft, which was very helpful and reassuring. Overall, considering the price and experience, this is an excellent alternative to hiking through the national park.
XUEDING Published 64 days ago
Due to the sudden outbreak, the number of participants originally directed to the Stars was insufficient, resulting in a refund of 100 yuan for one person, who was replaced by the Star of Rapids. In the event of an outbreak during the trip, the coach is still for safety, and it is recommended not to wear a mask during the activity, so as not to affect the breathing and cause suffocation after getting wet. The water level is low throughout the journey, and it is often stuck on the rocks in the river or stranded on the river bank, but the coach is watching the students during the whole journey. The handsome coach 317 drags us forward most of the time in the lower reaches of the river, and there will be no physical exhaustion. Tensions arise. The fun of boating is to meet strange friends who can play well, and hope to interact with each other (splashing water with each other). Although the head coach 312 feels helpless about our inactivity, he is also very nice. Interact with us by splashing water, using small boats to create whirlpools and splashes. The ironing experience is very good. It is a great fun. People who are afraid of water don't worry. Don't panic when falling into the water. The coach's hands and feet are fast and won't come out. The problem is that the rapids section grasps the middle rope firmly, relaxes and experiences it, it will be a journey worth the fare.
YuTing Published 345 days ago
After this experience, I feel that rafting is really a water activity that can be visited at different times, because the amount of water each time will make the trip have different stimuli. We heard that the water flow this time was a bit slower, but in fact it was quite often The coach dragged us away with a boat, but you really have to be careful in the rapids. You must get enough sleep to play the day before, because every situation of the day must be reacted immediately to avoid injury. This time we reported for the 11.1 show. There is a scheduled pick-up from Hualien. The pick-up time is about 9. However, it is about 11.30 at the event site. So I suggest you put on the clothes you want to put in the water first to save time. Hurry to change clothes (and everyone must remember to take the water there); at that time, there will be about 8-10 people in a boat. This time we ate the bento first before starting the activity. The whole activity lasts for a little over 4 hours. The time to return to Hualien is about 18:30. I will provide you with a reference for the itinerary. Although the water in the river is quite slow this time, everyone will fight water battles between the boats, which is also fun, so don't worry about low water volume and boredom. The experience this time is great, I will buy this trip again next time!

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