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What people are saying about Statues in Taipei

JONILYNN IRISH RAGEL Published 447 days ago
A very nice experienced with my husband, this is one of our favorite place in Taipei it was a breathtaking experienced. Yehliu Geopark, a landscape of honeycomb and mushroom rocks eroded by the sea. Well-known formations named for their shapes include the Queen’s Head and Dragon’s Head.  It's a must when you're visiting Taiwan. Highly recommended!
Karina Published 665 days ago
The park is accessible by bus from Taipei Main Station. The voucher is so easy to use - just go directly to the entrance gate so they can scan your QR code. The park is really beautiful and big. I was not expecting it to be that big lol. The are food stalls, 7-11, Family Mart, and seafood resto outside the park. The bus stop back to Taipei Main Station is on the same road (just the opposite side) as the bus stop going to the park. The stop is called Yehliu Geopark. There's a green-colored pathway you can walk on and it will lead you to the park entrance.
Muhamad Sayyid Published 669 days ago
I visited this place on my last day in Taipei (which I don’t recommend) and it was worth the long trip! If you’re living in the city, it would take about an hour and a half to get there. Since the trip is going to be long, I wouldn’t recommend going there on the last day. However, I did have ample time to walk around the park and it was spectacularly beautiful! Would recommend to buy the admission ticket via Klook as it is hassle-free and I’m sure you do not want to join the long queue on-site to buy your admission tickets.
Thi Hoang Anh Published 684 days ago
Had a great time exploring the area, checked out the peculiar rocks formed by nature, walked along the beautiful path that led to the observatory point. It was incredibly windy on the day but it wasn’t raining. I spent the whole day there with some mates. It was super easy getting there by public transport from Taipei Main Station (1 hour bus ride).
John Arthur Published 711 days ago
This tour was a good way to end our 3-day Taiwan trip. Our itinerary was packed the previous 2 days in exploring Taipei, Jiufen and Shifen so this was a great change of pace. Nature trips and walking tours like this are just our kind of thing. Will definitely take this tour again during the flower season to see the calla lilies and cherry blossoms in full bloom.
Rhodes Published 714 days ago
Very cool natural formation you should definitely see. Apparently rains 365 days a year there so definitely remember your rain jacket but rain will not interrupt the amazement of this attraction. If staying in Taipei city can make a fun day trip out of it by catching the train to Keelung then bus to the area of Yehliu. AWESOME!

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