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Get off the beaten track, leave the hustle and bustle behind and discover pristine Thai countryside no more than half an hour away from the busy city. Hop on an ATV and ride along scenic off-road trails. Enjoy the sunshine or splash through the mud – the ATV adventure is a thrill in any weather and will only leave you wanting more. Never been on an ATV before? No worries – no prior driving experience is needed to enjoy the tour and you will be riding top-notch US-imported ATVs and buggies. The vehicles are super easy to control and you will get the hang of it in no time. So, hit the pedal and let the fun begin!
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What people are saying about Bike Tours in Pattaya

Duyen T Published 905 days ago
A fantastic experience and a must for anyone in Pattaya wanting a bit of fun. Staff were very friendly and ensured we all had a great time. I rode with my partner on the back so it can still be enjoyed by those who are not wanting to ride themselves. The lunch provided was very delicious and we were given a number of different options to choose from.
margarita Published 108 days ago
take your gopro with you. you can attach it to a atv or helmet or chest. they provide several photos for free. bring spare clothes because you'll be covered with dust. your shoes and pants will be dusty. you can take a shower after the ride. some showers have heater some not. Fun ATV Tour for Novice Riders (26km Track) was fun. but some of road was on the concrete road which was boring.
Ju Won Published 529 days ago
Wow ~~~ This is really Kang !!! ' I went out and ran off the road and ran off-road and I applied with Tandem with my child. While relaxing for a minute, drink a bottle of water and go for another hour! When I came back, I came to the hotel after lunch with fruit and hamburger. Ah. And the right leg can be hot because of the engine heat. I recommend wearing a long pants ~ I was wearing a helmet on my helmet and took a rear rider and took a picture in the middle.
YEE TING Published 758 days ago
I asked KLOOK customer service before buying, I want to play the car on the picture and buy "ATV driver" for more than $600. (Because we don't want to have a top cover.) There are locker and their long-sleeved tops. I and my friends 2 The group played, there are 5-7 men playing together~ The coach is very friendly, because only I am a girl, will be listed as a team when driving, the coach told me to follow behind ~ played for 2 hours, there is uphill, downhill and Road ~ Mud will be stained but not very sticky. The feet and shoes will have a lot of muddy water. If you mind, you can wear waterproof shoes. I have no problem with wearing open-toe sandals~~ I am not at all. The person who will drive (in Taiwan, try to start the car is also the kind of hahahaha), but the opening is completely no problem, the control is very simple;) No crashing haha~ There will be ten minutes of drinking water, taking pictures in the middle of the way~~~ Burger and drinks for lunch, chicken I don't think it's delicious, you can try other ~ 600 pieces worthwhile!
MOHIT Published 843 days ago
this was the best activity ever had in my life. this is not for the faint hearted. if you like adventure then pls do not miss this out. many people do not select this for price but the price is justified. they give food at the end. they would record your whole adventure and will try to sell for 1000 Bhatt at the end of the trip. if you want to save then pls carry a selfie stick. or pro cam. we opted for quad bike which was an fun filled time. do not ever book this activity by local tourist shop or guide just for few less dollars. there are some other similar activity present there for less money but they are not worth it.
Yuk Hei Jeffrey Published 976 days ago
Very exciting journey! The van picked us up from the hotel. The coach took good care of us through the 2 hours ride. Just be prepared to get the clothes dirty. They also serve soft drink, fruit, salad, fries, and hamburger after the ride. I recommend to go for the ultimate tour if you are looking for some challenges.

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