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Suao Taxi Museum Ticket in Yilan

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chung cheng Published 156 days ago
Go to Taiping Mountain National Forest Recreation Area on holidays. It is very convenient to buy and use electronic tickets on klook on the day of departure. On holidays (200 yuan on site), you can save parking fees (100 yuan) by calculating the daily price (150 yuan). Roll the barcode to ticket salesperson B, and those with student ID cards can buy student tickets for 100 yuan on the spot. The staff is very skilled and friendly, a great experience and great value, recommended! On the other hand, the weather on the mountain changes a lot. Drive carefully and there are many tourists getting on and off at the crossing of cyclists and Jianqing Trail. Take a trampoline to go up the mountain early and buy tickets first (play back and forth for about 2 hours), leave time to see Qing (play back and forth about 1~1.5 Hours), see the small parking lot at the entrance of Qingqing Trail (about 5~7 people for small cars) and the tour bus is easy to park, and it is necessary to park about 2 kilometers (the sign says 1 kilometers!?) The large parking lot has toilets that have been cleaned and cleaned ( (Stock palm)), old women and children can first go under the trail entrance, drive to the parking lot and walk back to the trail entrance. Seeing the Qing trail, there are many trees, mountains, and many people are beautiful!
Ting Yun Published 192 days ago
Located at the center of the Lanyang Plain Coastal Recreation Zone, it is the only Japanese-style garden resort that combines landscape, humanities, arts, ecology, and leisure and recreation. It is adjacent to the confluence of Lanyang Creek, Yilan River and Dongshan River. It covers an area of 5.75 hectares using lakes. , Waterfalls, streams, landscaping, planting and planting unique Japanese-style gardens, refreshing and pleasant 🌴Extreme View Suite🍂Villa 🌴Superior Courtyard CILLA 🌴Deluxe Garden VILLA 🌴Luxury Lakeside VILLA 🥀Facilities Introduction Hotel connects Green Dance Hotel to Luodong Transfer Station (the guest will be free of charge for one round trip) Reservation inquiry: 03-9603808 ext. 9 The latest reservation will be cancelled if there is no reservation for the flight. The hotel will pick up at the transfer station. The transfer time is 9:00 The latest transfer time from the hotel to the transfer station is 17:00 The earliest transfer time from the transfer station to the hotel is 9:30 The latest transfer time from the hotel to the transfer station is 17:00 Cafe🌴Dance Japanese Cuisine🌴Muyun Banquet Hall🌴Bake World🥀Themed Activities🌴Outdoor Tea Feast🌴Go with God🌴Green Dance Manor Escape🌴Ninja Forest Experience Camp🌴Green Dance Fantasy Forest (Knight Castle) So 🌴Monopoly🌴yukata experience🌴Matcha experience🌴Catch the week experience🌴Cultural and creative experience🌸Matcha experience🔸Matcha pure drink (including a dessert) NT$299🔸Matcha experience (including a dessert) NT$499 Green Dance Art Museum 🔹The park ticket on the day can be discounted to NT$100. The matcha experience activities are at 11 am and 3 pm. The experience time is about 30 minutes. You need to sign up 30 minutes before the event. Yukata experience Time: 09:30~ 16:00 🔹Standard yukata 399 yuan/person, classic yukata 599/person for paid activities Hand water house, covered with flowers ▪️Kimono indoor photo zone, you can borrow Japanese-style props for taking pictures indoors, you must return it first when you go out to take pictures🌸Lake Dancing Lake Experience🔹Time: 09:30~11:30, 13:30~17 :00 🔹Lake Dance Touring Lake Experience (250 yuan/40 minutes per boat) Sign up at the visitor center, open daily. Put on a life jacket in the visitor center and follow the coach to the shore of the lake to prepare to set off 🌸A personal guide introduces the Green Dance Park 🔹Time: 10:30~11:00, 15:00~15:30 There is a personal guide to introduce the Green Dance Park 🔹The unique urn of Miyazaki Qingdao Shrine in Japan is introduced into the Green Dance Japanese Park to allow visitors to experience the little fun of Japanese culture🌸Green Dance Monopoly🔹Time 11:10~12:00 🔹Provide on-site registration🔹Green Dance Exhibition Hall, The live-action version of Monopoly is on time. Guests and visitors to the theme park can participate for free. Visitors who arrive at the destination first can get a small gift 🌸DIY Cultural and Creative Shop DIY, you can paint beautiful patterns 🌸Explore the park🔹Time: 09:00 ~11:00, 15:00~17:30 🔹Outdoor grass-skating and archery, open for two hours a day🌸Fantasy Forest (Knights Castle) The fantasy forest introduces the same facilities as the Knights Fort🔹Opening time September-March 9:30 -16:30 April-October 09:30-17:30 Extended opening to 20:00 every Saturday 🔹Guests can use it for free
TZUHUI Published 293 days ago
Located in Suao, Yilan, the world’s first and only museum with the theme of "Taxi": TAXI Museum, take the train to Suao New Railway Station and walk 500 meters to arrive (because there is no sign, please turn right. Take the west exit, lest it be like I guess the wrong exit, go around a big circle haha). The curator of taxi collector Li Jicheng, because the name "Jicheng" is the same as "Taxi", and in 2000, a friend sent a yellow taxi toy with the same day as the birthday license plate 1009 in New York. A series of coincidences made the curator and The indissoluble bond of the taxi, from the small solo exhibition to July 2019, the world's first taxi museum opened in Taiwan. The museum has a total of 1200 square meters, with 600 square meters as the main body. The 58-year-old factory was transformed into an industrial-style building. Looking down from the sky is a T (axi) character. The unused plaza of 600 square meters outside is temporarily used as a parking lot. I heard from the curator that he will set up a holiday open-air car cinema here in the future, and he will take a taxi to take you somewhere in his memory. There are Yakult mothers, selling grilled sausages, and Barsha etc. Taiwan A market with a sense of square in the mouth of the temple. On both sides of the square are planted with Taiwan luan tree, Abel and yellow campanula flowers. They will bloom in spring, summer and autumn, respectively, and taxi yellow flowers. It is a pity that I came here in winter and did not see the romance of taxi yellow blooming. After entering the museum, I saw the eye-catching yellow taxi museum logo and below the curator's first taxi toy collection. On the left half is a corner that will make antique car fans obsessed (raise hands), displaying antique taxis from the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, and Taiwan. Taking photos with the British gentleman’s black taxi makes up for my regret that I didn’t take a photo with the taxi in London. As a child raised by a taxi, seeing the antique Yulon SUNNY taxi from Taiwan brought me back to my childhood in a second, nostalgic. But Sheng, because except for the color, it is exactly the same as my dad's car! Even the beaded car mat that is difficult to sit on is the same hahaha! On the right side, the multi-country jump meter timer and roof light are displayed. While I appreciate it, the librarian walks up to me and asks me to guess which is the oldest on the whole display rack? Maybe I usually see too many old things, but the oldest timer I guess is an antique timer from India in 1920, which is just over 100 years old this year. Next to it, the 70-year-old Japanese timer became younger in an instant. In the past, there is the curator's personal collection area of more than 2,000 taxi cabinets. Each exhibit is collected by the curator from all over the world, with a dazzling array of models and related products. What impressed me deeply in the showcase was the sales of taxis in New York, USA. The exhibits accounted for a large number of products. They not only combined the peripheral products developed by fashion brands, but also necklaces, bags, high heels, etc., from cartoons to Sesame Street, Snoopy, and the movie Taxi Driver. I saw that the original actor Robert De Niro was young and handsome, and my favorite movie Back to the Future also had a taxi version model, with Marty and Doctor standing beside him! In the UK exhibit section, I saw my beloved Beatles again! Unexpectedly, they have produced so many versions of the car...I don't have any...probably it's expensive and didn't want to buy it haha! In Japan, the national model car brand Tomica can be seen everywhere. Don't underestimate the model car. The price of a car ranges from one hundred yuan to tens of thousands. Many antiques are obtained by the curator on the Internet. There are too many things to repeat, so let's have a chance to see it in person! In addition, there is another highlight in the museum, that is, the only taxi in the world that was hit by a plane. In 2015, TransAsia Airways crashed into the Caddy taxi that escaped in the Keelung River. Collect it here. This is also a parent-child and pet-friendly museum. In addition to viewing car models, children also have a bumper car experience and a carousel bar at the bar to watch the model car go around like a conveyor belt sushi. There are also taxi-related merchandise, meals and drinks available for purchase in the museum, and the desks and chairs rest area for friends to take a break! Tickets for the museum are 200 yuan. If you go to some cooperative channels to buy them online, you can get cheaper. The tickets can also cost 50 yuan for bumper cars, meals or goods, which is very cost-effective. And the ticket itself is made into a paper model, and it will become a taxi trolley when it is disassembled and put together, and there are multi-national versions! The last suggestion is that although there are many exhibits in the exhibition, but it is very concentrated, so the exhibition area is actually not large. If it is not for taxis or people interested in cars, they may think that it will be over after a short walk. The special exhibition opens up the exhibits and can go a long way, thinking it has a rich feeling. In fact, people who really like taxis will need a little time to watch them. Therefore, I suggest that if you are afraid of the above-mentioned problem, "how do you feel that the museum is such a small person", you can wait until the outdoor area planning is complete before you come to play, otherwise you may be a little bit lost! After all, if I take the train from Taipei alone, the surrounding area of Suao New Station is completely undeveloped. If you want to play, you have to take a ride to other places. It's really a bit hard.
Irene Published 570 days ago
The centre is easily accessible by GR21 shuttle bus from Luodong bus station on hourly basis. Many activities available including indoor and outdoor performances, Dongshan river boat ride, fog forest, 文昌 temple, tasting local craft beer and etc. Kids friendly place and not too crowded on weekdays. Can easily spend more than half a day enjoying this place in a quiet township of Wujie.
Cheryl Published 627 days ago
Love the fact it’s an instant confirmation upon purchase of the entrance ticket from Klook. We did not get any ticket for DIY experiences because of time constraint. You could literally spent more than half a day there. However, we were there for mere 1 1/2 hours. It’s enough to cover the site but not enough to cover in detail. A place rich in portraying Chinese culture. Managed to catch a 20-30mins stage performance in front of the temple. It would be more meaningful if we are there during the Lunar New Year period. Saw some local staffs putting up lanterns on the streets for the upcoming festival. Managed to get some local delicacies on site as well. A good place for family to visit.
Maria Luzette Published 759 days ago
Going there on your own was a bit challenging. Make sure to check out possible routes so you have a better idea on how to get there. We had a peek of a cultural show and enjoyed the parade. They have DIY art and crafts activities in different stores, however they were difficult to locate since they were not indicated in the map. Nonetheless, my daughter enjoyed the keychain and bracelet making...and oh, yes, there were a lot of photo spots.