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About Mainland China

Travel to one of the largest countries on earth and be captivated by its fascinating ancient culture and breathtaking natural wonders that are second to none in the world. China is a treasure trove of endless landscapes and extensive heritage that spans over 5,000 years of civilization.

If you're wondering where to start your journey of discovery, head to the historic capital city of Beijing, home of the impressive Forbidden City and the best-preserved section of the famous Great Wall of China. If you're more interested in the sleepless city life, Shanghai's industrial charm will not disappoint. There's much to see in this exotic land that can't be experienced in just one visit!

General info

  • Currency
    Chinese Yuan

    1USD = 6.34CNY

  • Language(s)
  • Best time to visit
    • JAN - FEB

      Chinese New Year

    • FEB - MAR

      Lantern Festival

    • SEP - OCT

      Mid-Autumn Festival

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