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Phuket Popular Attractions 2021

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Why people love Phuket

Ka Na Colour
Published 177 days ago
This is considered to be the better one for me to participate in several Phuket island activities. The two islands are very leisurely, the beach quality is good, the water is clear and the sand is young and you can sunbathe. There are also many options for water activities, and the snorkeling part is good, you can see fish and corals.
Published 19 days ago
Although the lunch is a combination of dishes, each dish is delicious~ and not only water on the boat, but also drinks~ Because of this part, I give it a 5-star praise! XD This itinerary prefers to watch natural landscapes and streets, but I personally I like this kind of itinerary, especially when the canoe goes through the cave, I will sigh the wonders of nature!

Popular Popular Attractions in Phuket

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